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Adult Written bysaumaun April 9, 2008

Great game when you think your child is mature enough

Battlefield 2 is probably the most realistic game out there. Realistic in the sense of the weapons and vehicles and ranking system, not violence. The great thing is that you will never see any gore or flying body parts in this game. Language online results in bans in %95 of the servers, so there wont be a problem there. There is no reference to drugs or sexual activity, so you are also clear there. It is a first person shooter without the things you don't want your kids to see. I play it myself and have come to enjoy it a lot. I give my kids a lot of freedom and let them decide themselves if they think they are mature enough for things. But if I see that they are doing things they are not supposed to, they begin to lose privileges. I think kids as early as 10 can play this if you believe your child can handle it. I would monitor them while they play, but it is always good to catch them early and teach them what they did wrong and how to avoid that situation in the future.
Adult Written byMartha James April 26, 2014

Great Game! No Blood and Little Violence!

Great game! Ages 9+ are fine! They understand! No Blood! And Very Little Violence!

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Adult Written byB3noise October 22, 2011

About Online

I notice a-lot of people talk about how the online can be really bad because of the people who play it, that's quite the opposite almost all of the people I have played with on the game are respectful and nice. That's something I can not say for the Call Of Duty games... when I use to play it I had a friend added who literally was high every time I played with him, and I mean everytime. The community on Call of Duty are full of foul mouthed little brats who weren't raised correctly and aren't even old enough to play the game. Even the adults I played with were disrespectful. But enough about Call of Duty we are on a different subject. The people that I currently play with are great people who are always fun to play with. We use strategy in our game which almost always leads us to a victory. I have played with these people for over 6 months now and I have only had one issue with one of them and it only happened once. One of the other nice things about BF2 is the fact that even if you end up with a disrespectful person you usually only have to deal with them for a game or two because there are only 4 people per squad so you're not listening to your entire team saying foul words and other things like that. Also it doesn't promote bullying or anything like that because you never and I mean never talk to the enemy team so you won't see you're child telling the other people they suck or that there losers. I'm also quite sure you're children were raised good considering the fact you take the time to visit these websites usually means you're a good parent.

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Parent of a 13-year-old Written byHedgieguy11 April 6, 2011

Fine on pc, worry about console voice chat.

No voice chat on pc so no concerns there. A bit violent, but you need to know they exaggerate alot. A bit eudacational, because it talks a little about what is going on in the war. If its on pc its ol for 11+, consoles, iffy 13+. Trust me I played both.

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Parent of a 13-year-old Written bythecarson2248 April 25, 2010
NO BLOOD!!!!!! great game for 12+
Parent of a 13-year-old Written bysmartdad42 November 24, 2009

perfect for 13 and up

this game is perfect for 13 and up this web site is a little to harsh on games i got my son a war game and this website said people who are 18 should play it and it was T all that was in it was violence my advice is compare the games your kid has and the game or games your looking at. this game is not that violent it's easy to play it teaches strategy and team work now if your kid wants to play online i highly recommend a 15 year old play online other wise i say it's perfect for a 13 year old and up

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Parent of a 12, 14, and 17-year-old Written byc0mm0nsense January 9, 2009

Totally harmless game. 12+ at the most

Really not as bad as it looks at first. My advice to other parents is to let your kids rent it first and you will realize it isn't bad at all.
Adult Written byworkalot April 9, 2008
This is an ok game for most ages. There is not much violence but when there is it is bloodless. I say it is ok for ages 11 and up
Adult Written bycjblack532 April 9, 2008

Good, on the right map with the right people.

This is very educational, first off, it uses a completely correct Army ranking system, with real Army rank insignia, and a good ranking. It also uses real weapons. It has helped a friend of mine in JROTC.

About the right map...Wake Island 2007 is a very, very good map. Download it. The problem is, lots of n00bs get on there, that may be Seargents, but have the maturity of a third grader (no offense to any of the mature third graders out there.)

People do teamkill for planes, and do lots of things for things, that would normally get them kicked. But, when this happens, people get emotional and swear. So, be careful.