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Beholder: Blissful Sleep

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Amazing, but not as good as the main game

Blissful Sleep is the prequel to The core game Beholder where you play as Hector Medina, the previous landlord who was shown in the begining of Beholder getting beaten up and taken away by the ministry. The story of Blissful Sleep is of Hector Medina, who is going to go through the Blissful Sleep procedure, where 85 year olds are euthinized, even though Hector is only 65, due to a misprint he is still going through the procedure. The game runs on a 14 day time limit (336 hours) to try to escape being killed to save his life. Blissful Sleep shares many of the strengths of the core game, including it's visuals, and characters. Speaking of it's characters, it develops characters we knew and shows what they went through before Carl was appointed landlord of the apartment complex. But due to these great characters, one of it's greatest flaws is that in this short amount of time, there isn't much time to really do their missions and just relax a bit and learn more about them, it's a shame because these characters are great. Like Order The Cat. It's an amazing DLC, but has a few shortcomings.