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age 12+

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age 13+

I'd keep an eye on it...

While I myself enjoy this game I have to respectfully disagree that this game is for anyone under the age of 13. Aside from the themes mentioned of violence, drinking/drug use and the like, there is also blackmail, suicide, murder, conspiracy, infidelity, spying, wife beating, police brutality, government tyranny, bribery and prostitution. Depending on your choices in the game, there are many different paths and "quests" your character can go do and many different endings. Many choices are morally ambiguous and lead to equally morally ambiguous results. Even though it says no swearing or sex is present, that is actually not true. If you make a certain series of choices, one quest will be a husband asking you to spy on his wife and find out if she's cheating. She is, and the way you find this out is by...well catching them in bed together. Though this isn't graphically shown(all you see is the blankets move with heart bubbles coming up) it's still obvious and embarrassing. It's during this quest that, depending on what you choose to do, that the Lords name is taken in vain and the husband will also commit suicide. (which you see him do, he hangs himself) Other swear word are peppered throughout the game. You have choices whether to help murder people who are criminals or not, and to help bring down the government or not. Even though the characters are basically just different shaped silhouettes without much detail--helping to make things not overly graphic--there is still blood when people are murdered. All this is just what I've found so far. I would not recommend letting a child under the age of 13 play this game, no matter how mature they are. And honestly even that might be questionable. I would advise a parent being in the room as well, and talking with your kids about what goes on in the game. You know your child best. If they are impressionable, absolutely don't let them play this game. And even if they aren't, I'd keep an eye on things anyway.

This title has:

Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 9+

Tiny bit of iffy stuff but if your child is sensible or mature they won’t follow the wrong path in real life!

The game contains drug dealing and some other iffy topics but if your kid is 8+ and mature it will not be a problem. Also if your kid is 7+ give it a try and if your kids behavior changes badly, delete it.

This title has:

Easy to play/use