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Beauty is Beholder

When I first bought Beholder, I enjoyed it, I played a bit but not much, then my daughter was going to die so I rage quit for a year or so. Then I suddenly realized, I money on this game and I'm going to get my moneys worth out of it. Spoiler alert, I did. Lets begin with the story. Beholder takes place in a distopian world where the goverment controls everything and frequently makes pointless laws to keep them in power. You play as Carl Stein, a man who obeys the goverment, but loves his family, Anna Stein, the caring mother who loves her family and nags her husband frequently, Patrick Stein, the eldest son who is rebelious and hates the goverment, but loves his younger sister, Martha Stein, who despite having a weak immune system that often brings up medical problems for the rest of her parents, she is very energetic. Carl Stein has been apointed as a landlord for an apartment building, and his family is moving in. That is a mere summary of the rich story that goes to much darker and more intresting places. Now, how about the other characters? They're great. Every single tenant that moves into your apartment is a story of their own, and a set of missions that they want you to complete. And as the game says "Every Choice Has Consequences" it's true, the morally right decision is not always the best decision, you need to think about what to do. You may want to help someone escape from being captured by the authority's, but need money to pay for you're son's university. Many choices like this pop up all over to make you think hard, and decide what to do. Beholder's art style is stunning, it looks beautiful, unique, and perfectly fits the dystopian feel Beholder is looking to capture. The music has the same effect, it calms you down, but at the same time makes your hair stand on end. The humor is also great, it works for a good chuckle, but nothing laugh out loud, which also complements the dark tone of the game making not a outright comedy. In terms of flaws, the game has quite a few bugs, some that are just little inconveniences, some can completely ruin your save file. The lack of manual saves can be annoying, the game only auto saves when something important happens, like an important phone call or mission that popped up. But despite all of it's short comings, this is by far one of the best, most artistic video games of the decade.