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Adult Written bynduns September 27, 2009

A good game for kids, but can be evil at times

Okay, I don't understand the grade system at all. It almost seems impossible to get higher than C+. Also, some of these games can be unfair, for example, the dog biscuit one. It's fine until they introduce the moving blue blocks. You can easily go to the exact position it tells you to and the blocks move in a way that ensures you're not gonna get that bone. That's pure evil. Also, after a while, yeah, it does get repetative as you'll find yourself playing the same games constantly. It's good for kids, but it's almost insulting to one's intellect, especially with the grade system.
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Parent Written byMelodyMV August 14, 2009

Maybe it's not for the Average Brain

It's a good game to test your skill within certain game categories, but after a while you get bored because it seems repetitive and get discouraged when your Brain Age grade never gets higher than C+ (I don't want to know what that says about me). My nephew was discouraged after averaging a Brain Age grade of C and although he practiced games within the practice portion, he just couldn't get into it because, according to him, "the challenge is no longer there, especially when I keep getting a C." And so, we both gave the game a break and played Scrabble.
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Adult Written bybekkiatroscot April 9, 2008

My 6 Year old loves it

Highly addictive game, me and hubby and in contest to beat each others score, and our 6 year old thinks its great, needs a bit of help with the reading but the puzzles adapt to all levels, would not besuitable for anyone under the age of 6.
Adult Written byboocoo April 9, 2008
Adult Written byreaper13546 April 9, 2008

very cool some things heurt my head but gets boring after a while

Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008
This game is fantastic!! It puts the unique DS stylus to good use. Your brain will thank you!