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Civ was a geat part of my childhood

This is a strategy game that spans human history and will expose young children to a sense of grandeur in world exploration, and a number of concepts that have been important over time. Gameplay is nothing like real life, of course, but the concepts of war and peace, wonders, technological development, and cultural growth are all positive. The 'civilopedia' is a great way to have your kid reading about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the development of railroads or somesuch enriching topic during their play time. And Leonard Nimoy will read them quotes from great works of literature, too. My Dad got me Civ I when I was nine. I couldn't quit playing. That may sound terrible but getting engrossed in a topic of interest can be a good experience, and this was for me. I learned plenty and had a lot of fun--a very wholesome game. If your child is completely unfamiliar with concepts like war or barbarians, or the variety of religions in history, you may want to provide a little guidance on those topics.

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A brilliant strategy game!

This game is about as well made as you will ever find in the strategy genre. It isn't too difficult to pick up and play, but if you want to get good at it it takes a lot of time and thought. Not really much to worry about for kids. On a positive note it might just get them interested in history...or maybe that's expecting too much. Either way it's a great game that will eat up loads of your time. You've been warned. :)

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