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Teen, 15 years old Written byski123 April 9, 2008
Teen, 14 years old Written byDandamanBroTe August 27, 2012


Its a awesome game the came out when i was around 7-10 years old and me and my brothers and my dad would play it together. it has very mild language such as CRAP dA** AND *HE**. ITS AMAZINGLY FUN and addicting and kids 6 and up.
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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Teen, 15 years old Written byName Unknown April 9, 2008

Fight the first IRAQ war.

Conflict Desert Storm is a cool game. There is blood in there, and a little language, but it is fun, and a good multi-player. This game also is the easiest game to control, it even aims for you!!
Teen, 16 years old Written bymsp23 April 9, 2008

A friend and I rented it for a week and are still playing!

The graphics could be alot better for sure. And they are better on the X-Box then on the GameCube and PS2. Although when you kill someone they do a little death dance and then fall over, it's nothing real gory. There is some blood in a pool around a dead person but besides that it's not that bad. I think they have given this game rather harsh reveiws as well as most other of the violent games. Because for 1 violence is already all around us (I mean look at New York City, it's a freaking mess!!), in the news, music, everywhere! A little more isn't gonna kill us. The game itself is a little unrealistic in parts because you can heal a dead person that is in your squad and it takes a couple bullets to kill you. I do agree with commensense's review on the part where they say it might scare litte kids. Becuase you are walking around with a huge machine gun and some c4 along with a rocket launcher and some other people are in tanks tryin to kill ya. Yea it will scare small kids but I'd say 12+ would be fine with it. It does teach you a bit about Operation: Desert Storm but not much to get it soley for that purpose. Not that I'm saying the kids would mind if they played it in Social Studies but yeah. Overall it's a good game, not as gory as most 1st person shooters, fair graphics and fun missions. I give it an A+.
Teen, 16 years old Written bymikee990 April 9, 2008

11 or 12+ Depends on there maturity

It's prety hard but fun -- you need skill and to be a good gamer. Worth buying.
Kid, 10 years old August 17, 2010

besides the blood and realistic graphichs its tamer than most shooters.

The good things are that its not a FPS and it has good graphichs for a old school game. the bad things are the good graphichs. normally its good if and old school game has good graphichs, but in this case its bad, because it just makes the blood more realistic (and theres alot of it) also, the graphichs make it even more innapropriate by showing black eyed and bloody faces on an injured or previously torcherd soilder. im not complaning about anything else because otherwise its tamer than most shooters by making it third person and having no bad language whatsoever. and commonsense is right about it being scary, you can go up behind someone and jerk a knife across their throat, which made me a little sick to my stomach.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 15 years old Written byjoshandy April 14, 2010

Bad Graphics, Fun Game!

A fun, but yet very generic third person shooter that is fun, but is drastically lacking in good graphics. Puddles of blood are shown when enemies are killed and level 1 shows a chair where they torture POWs (Prisoners of War) and is covered in Blood. Other than That, okay!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written bypascal April 9, 2008

conflict owns

its difficult but if you can complete it the rewards are awesome buy it
Kid, 11 years old January 30, 2010

Game anyone can play.

This game is awesome. There is no sex, drugs, or any violence to graphic. When you shoot someone, a tiny puddle of blood comes and they fall over, there is nothing bad about that. You learn about real life operations of the Gulf War. And the 4 special forces troops you get are good role models.ANd the positive message is: Too serve and help your country.
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Too much violence
Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Kid, 11 years old November 14, 2016

So awesome!

This game is a fun exhilarating, and clean game, with only a little blood and one questionably "bad" word in the whole game.