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age 15+

Konami ruins another classic series. Not for fans at all. Play the phenomenal Blazing Chrome instead!

Has none of the tight platforming and brisk run and gun action of the classics. Not even any memorable music. Instead we get tacked on RPG elements (a new trend in bad games) that only serve to create bullet sponge enemies that make the gun overheat mechanic even more frustrating and to encourage grinding through bland level design that has the nerve to repeat itself early on in a campaign that is way longer than it should be (Contras are usually 2 hours long [assuming you never game over]; this is almost 15 hours!). Sluggish movement and aiming that does not fit the pace of the game at all . Top it off with an UGLY art style with graphics straight outta 2003. Shameful. They should've just let WayForward make Contra 5. Theres alot of gore but its all pink for some reason with no option for red blood. Frequent F words.