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CSM, you are insane!

I created an account just to defend the amazing Control from a 3-star rating. This game is amazing, full of mystery, an amazing vibe uncommon in this kind of game, and an incredibly satisfying combat system. CSM, you need to try again or try harder. Control is a blast from start to finish.
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age 14+

Sleeper hit of the year

Very mild violence for a shooter. Fantasy combat with a fantastical gun where blood looks like smoke. "Body explosions" dont cause any gore; its almost literally fairy dust. The worst you'll see is periodical very bloody bodies. Infrequent strong language. ** This game just sticks and grows on you the more you play and think about it. One might notice the exploitable and seemingly shallow combat that is not painfully challenging. But look longer and you will discover superb level design, wonderfully contructed mayhem and the sense of superpowered fun that is unparalleled in its genre. One may be disappointed with the plot and its unclear conclusion and one-note protagonist; but the more time you take to analyze the game world, its subtext and intricate and purposeful decoration; soak in the haunting and uncanny atmosphere complemented by a surprisingly quirky sense of humor; search and read for every lovingly placed and written collectible and multimedia you will find a rich world that isn't dependant on traditional story conventions. Also NO FORCED WALKING or walls of boring text (Eat it Quantum Break!). Remedy's best if you ask me.
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