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Parent Written byBreeden July 12, 2015

Inappropriate language, sexual content, and dialog.

This game has crude with its words and the way it talks about sexual activities, womens underwear and swearing. Its in poor taste and not appropriate for children, also cost to much for food for energy.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Adult Written bygrubbywife October 29, 2015
This game is very frustrating. If you click on things too fast, Jones comes on and says take a grip. If the game fails and you have 5 hints, you're stuck with Jones and one hint. This game is a racket.
Adult Written byKara2 September 12, 2015


game could be a lot of fun but by the time you get started it's over. If you want to play more you have to pay. Way to expensive. Kids should not play this game adults only otherwise all the fun will be gone by not allowing the game to be as real as it could be.
Adult Written bySannda September 10, 2015


Starts out fine then you start to spend endless hours in the Lab on this game. Because of this you cannot play or enjoy the game. Of course, you can pay to get out of the Lab but it will cost a lot on each case. Not worth the time nor the effort. If they could try to come up with a different way to collect money from people the game would be more enjoyable. As of now all you can do is put the items in the Lab and walk away. Sometimes days at a time. No fun in this!
What other families should know
Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent Written bydeniser1 December 15, 2014

Not Fact Based But Entertaining

There is nothing in this game that really has anything to do with problem solving skills. In crime scene after crime scene you are simply pointing out memorized objects in a room or area or putting them in order or putting a scene back together on a timer. It's entertaining and the "solving" of the crimes can be entertaining but you are not the one really solving them. You just get points for each scene. The more points you get and the faster you get them the faster you "solve" the crime. As you go further up in level there are more "lab" tests which take more "hours" to get back unless, of course, you pay real cash to get them faster. So, even though you can get "energy" by having a lot of "friends" on your team, the makers of the game and face book games are still looking for a way to get real money from you. Or you will be waiting 24 hours for your "Autopsy" (and one "crime" had a person and THREE DOGS autopsied, no kidding) then they will have you "find" something else needing "tested" (which can test as "lipstick in a REAL lab in 5 minutes, you get it back in 12 hours unless you pay $24 face book dollars which cost you around $2 in real terms. Then, it's gruesome crime scenes so I can't really recommend for younger children or sensitive persons. And your favorite sweet personality WILL end up either being killed or the killer eventually. Finally, it's NOT educational. In the killing in the Amish area, when one young lady takes poison, they rush the girl to the hospital and put her in an "induced coma" (you would NEVER do this with someone who ingested poison, you keep them AWAKE, I'm a retired nurse) while the POLICE lab takes 12 hours (unless you pay them $24 face book dollars) to "test the poison and see what it is (like a poison victim HAS 12 hours post ingestion???) No, you immediately drop a tube, pump that stomach and see what you have. So, it's NOT educational. And that is just one of the many glaring errors. But it's entertaining if you accept that it is not even remotely realistic.
What other families should know
Safety and privacy concerns