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The little port that could.

Not too graphic. Blood is turned off by default for some reason. When you turn it on there's a fair bit, but not over the top; and there is no gore whatsoever. You'll occasionally come across bloodier scenes of past conflict, but still no gore. Average amount of profanity. Open world games and shooters have evolved over the years and Crysis is relatively simple. But there is still fun to be had with the sandbox, the AI, and the strategies you can take. No much enemy or objective variety but good amount of freedom (at least in ch 1-6/10). Now on the go. Still far below the PC version, its still a vast improvement over the previous console ports. Sporting a mostly consistent 30 fps (chapter 9 is a complete travesty though) , and visuals that are quite lovely coming from a humble Nintendo tablet; especially given the huge levels with no loading screens.