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Adult Written byyetijones April 9, 2008

Oh my God...

If this website reviews one more magnificent game with hardly any blood in it at all as "filled with blood and gore throughout" I am going to go crazy. This is an amazing piece of work by extremely committed crews, who have worked day in and day out for somewhat over 3 years, I believe, to develop and deliver an extremely realistic, extremely enjoyable game. The worst that happens in this game violence-wise is that blood spots will appear on your visor if you are too close in proximity to an opponent when firing or while using a melee attack. If you let the body sit long enough, occasionally a small pool of blood will appear around the corpse, but it is barely noticeable and can usually only be seen if you are LOOKING SPECIFICALLY FOR THE BLOOD TO GIVE IT A BAD RATING [cough cough]... This game engages the mind as well as the physical response of a player, because with 5 suit upgrades to choose from (Stealth, Armor, Strength, Speed, and Ammo later on if I'm not mistaken), each encounter is a completely different scenario, even if played through time after time (thanks to one of the most impressive AIs as of yet). Just as well, you are given the opportunity of real-time weapon editing, so the player has to twist the scene into his/her favor by outsmarting and out-gunning the enemy. A great game; if you can run it, definitely buy it.
Uncle Written byeliazer December 11, 2016

Great Gaphics Terrible Vocabulary

This game has an amazing loads of realistic graphics. The game has every single imaginable kind of profanity in a dictionary, including blasphemies. The violence it is realistic but not as violent as other rated M games, except for some scenes of gore inside the movie parts those are very violent as you see one man ripped in half. Do not let your kids trick you there is absolutely no Profanity/violence filter in game. if you would like to add a profanity filter you can download it through this website ( and one can manually edit it but it will be a ton amounts of work and one would need to hear those profanities and blasphemies in audacity software to edit it if you are up to it you can go to this website which is an instruction by instruction ( However this game even without Profanity it is still a rated M game due to violence. (in the game you kill both humans as well as aliens. although there is no sex nor sensuality, in very few parts the Korean Soldiers are urinating in the game when they need to. You may also kill that individual while they are doing it. There are other games your kids can play this one is not a healthy one.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written bySam Marrick March 19, 2016

Mostly Eye Candy.

At most about a dozen f words. Some scripted moments with bloody bodies. Including a teammate mangled hanging from a tree and a commander impaled by an alien. Very little blood when enemies are shot (only the 1st half has human enemies), and only occasional scenery splatter. Silenced weapons cause no blood at all. The graphics back in 07 were groundbreaking. But tahts about it. The levels look beautiful and openness in the first half of the game is much like Farcry 1 so its still solid. The second half however gets far more linear when the aliends show up amd combat gets repetitive. Except the final mission feels Metroidvania lite osh on a Naval cruiser under seige. The Vehicle segments are pretty lame tho, like the clunky tank or mountain truck escape. Also the Nano suit powers dont feel all that special. Maximum stregnth takes to long to equip (you shouldnt have to equip it at all). Cloak lasts too short and isnt as effective as it should be. And armor only extends life for a couple of seconds. Its probably just for last ditch emergencies when u have to run for cover. Gunplay always felt prety nerfy to me. Yet occasional destructible environments are nice.
Parent Written byConcernedparent123 February 15, 2012

Nothing bad what so ever...

Great game. There is barely any language at all and only a little violence, i have no idea why this game is "M" it should definitively be "T".
Adult Written bygidgiddonihah May 17, 2011

Great game, but not for the young'ns

Is it a violent game? lol, yea, its a FPS, and a realistic one at that. There is a little blood every time you hit a live enemy and people can get tossed around, crunched and blown around just like it would in real life. The graphics pop (Best of its class untill Metro 2033 came out), the phyisics engine is unbelievable, and it gets immersive very quickly. The Koreans and your teamates do swear, but the majority can be cut out by making the Koreans speak their language in the hard mode (Which is very easy). My problem is that there were too many little bugs such as sometimes it would hang and require a reboot, sometimes the audio would have a popping noise in it or cut out completely. Plus it seems they were consumed on getting the graphics and physics engines perfect resulting in lackluster gameplay. One thing to think about is that you will need a newer rig to power this game...
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Parent of a 10 year old Written byMannamedbob April 9, 2010

Good game but watch the language.

The only thing parents should be concerned about is the language. Also the fact that you need a really good computer. The blood can be turned off but not in movies. The violence isn't that bad. The player is either killing terrorists or aliens which are both "bad guys"
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Adult Written by62262 June 20, 2009


ok, there is a large difference between violence, and blood/gore, Crysis is absolutely not a scary kind of game, violence? Yes. But it's nothing that's not in a normal star-wars game or such. This game is actually very different from most shooters, it focuses on the quality of the enemies rather than the quantity, so there's no mindless brainwashed KILLING in this game. I'd say 12-13 is a minimum age for this game. Even some Pg-13 movies may be less suitable for children than this
Adult Written byjoshuaryung January 11, 2009
very good game if u have a good enough computer.
Adult Written bywjbyman April 9, 2008

Good idea, poor execution; don't buy

The game play is captivating in some parts and fustrating in others. I played the English and French versions, so I could not understand the North Koreans constant swearing. The Engish version had a scene that was not found in the French version where Joker found a dead scientist and used the Good Lord's name in vain. This violation of the second commandment was specificaly written in for the Amercican version to appease the Jesus-hating crowd, and you know who they are. Otherwise it doesn't get the most favorable didtribution channels.