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Adult Written byPvt. Sokolva May 22, 2014

Overcoming Difficulty through strategy, practice, and perserverance

This game has the ability to change the way you think and play about games in general. It challenges its players on a strategic and thoughtful level. Though it has fantasy violence, the violence is never senseless and meaningless, and the death is not absolute or game ending, nor is it simply a minor setback. Though it may certainly be too frusterating for some children (as it is frusterating for many adult players as well) there is a great reward in this game for sticking to it and perservering through adversity. Firstly, it sucks you into this strange and dangerous world that is nevertheless beautiful despite all its darkness. In fact, it is perhaps because of this game's great darkness and difficulty that when you stumble upon a patch of beauty, or respite, you feel so rewarded and like you have achieved something. I may even raise my children and have them play this game when the time is right as a kind of test, to see whether they can overcome challenges by discovering and creating their own strategy and methods. I disagree that this game has no positive role models or messages. Just because you are not beat over the head with these messages does not mean that their subtlety makes them any less valid. Courage is rewarded in this game, but foolishness and greed is certainlly punished. If you rush through thoughtlessly you will soon be killed and lose all your souls, quickly learning that being careful and sizing up a situation is far better than jumpin in. That said, sometimes you need to take a risk to be rewarded with an amazing weapon or item, and you are taught through this that risks are in fact a kind of test, to see whether you can overcome the danger and deserve the reward. Is this not a positive and realistic message? Also, the world of drangleic is a once prosperous kingdom and is only dangerous and crumbling because of the actions of the rulers of the world, who treated its people badly and was torn apart by war and greed. Yet despite this, those who have managed to survive persist and attempt to find their own kind of happiness and survival in the world. Some characters, though embittered, are very brave and will open up to you and help you in times of need if you take the time to talk to them and hear their stories. Others will come to your aid simply because they are friendly and will cover your back if you cover theirs, and befriend you. You have to put effort into these characters in order to find out about their lives, and the more you put into it, the more reward you get, both in the storyline, and through gifts and aid they give you. Another valuable part of this game I would say is the online community. Because there is no voice chat in the game there are no opportunities for innappropriate or hurtful exchanges between players, nor will the child be exposed to inappropriate pictures from other players. It cuts down on much of the bad parts of the community in this simple way and encourages the good. There are many, many players in this game who leave their signs upon the ground so that they can be "summoned" into the players world, simply to help them. This fosters good will between complete strangers, and you can beat difficult bosses together without even exchanging a word, simply waving and bowing to each other to communicate your intent. In addition to this, many of the online aspects encourage the player to help out other players, as this rewards them and also gives them a good feeling of having helped out another player and returning the favor of the experienced players that helped them make it through the world. Overall, I believe this game to be a very valuable experience for an older child, around 12 or older, to undertake. I wouldn't go to much younger simply because of the complexity of the game, and perhaps the violence and sometimes dark and scary atmosphere of the game. For a child that can handle these, however, I would give me full recommendation, and I think children, adolescents, and adults alike can all benefit and have amazing fun playing this beautiful and challenging game.
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Too much violence
Parent Written bykyle s. May 1, 2014

A challenging fun experience

As the first in the dark souls series it is very challenging but all in all it doesnt have alot of blood less than the last one, it has no talking apart from cutscenes so no swearing and no inappropriate things.As long as you or your child are not bothered by very hard games and failing/dieing alot it should be okay for any kid 12 and up. NOTES- -not a ton of violence just normal fantasy violence -no swearing -no inappropriate visuals -very hard not for someone who cant bear dieing/failing -lots of fun
Parent Written byDannyC December 27, 2015

Good Game

My 13 year old son loves this game. I sat with him for a few hours to check it was suitable, and it was fine. I found that there was nothing unsuitable. Although this website says that the game contains minor nudity, i would disagree. The topless creature that is displayed is not close to the screen, is not within any cut scenes at all. What's more, just like the first one, a majority of skin that would be shown is covered up by hair. No nipples are displayed. Unlike the first game, which I deemed unsuitable for my son, this game has merely a drop of blood. There is no blood splats, just a drop when you attack. The game is not scary, just thrilling, the kind of game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Although I rate this game a 13/14, I think that it would be useful for an adult should play through a bit of the game before giving it to their child, and the adult may even find it entertaining, as it really tests both gaming skill, and mental skill. This game has swearing, but not anything a 13 year old hasnt heard or said before. Also swearing in this game is rare,coming up maybe once every two or three hours, and you can turn it off. Almost like a more adult version of nintendos legend of zelda, this game fits into the same genre, being a dungeon crawler, and a RPG Overall I really recommend this game for a 13 year old, and maybe a first 16 rated games as it one of the most suitable 16s there are.
Parent Written byDcvbc December 27, 2015

Nudity? Why?

This game does not have nudity. The nipples are covered up by hair! Frankly, you get more skin in a Budweiser advert!
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Great role models
Adult Written byTDSplays June 24, 2015

Amazing, but deeply challenging.

Let me just say, this is one of the best games of 2014, if not THE best. The second game in the Dark Souls franchise, its graphics are mesmerizing and its complexity compels you to play until you've beaten the entire thing. The catch? This is definitely the most challenging game of all time, aside from Battletoads. If you play this game, be prepared to be tested to your limits. RPGs are hard, but this brings "hard" to a whole new level. The game is pretty violent, and can be gory, but it's not over-the-top. Some female characters are depicted to be nude, but they're covered by hair or tree branches. There's a bit of language, but it's not too bad. Expect a few instances of "hell", "damn", "sh*t" and "b*tch", nothing a 12-year-old hasn't heard or said before. There aren't any drugs or cigarettes in this game. The game can be played online, and CAN Abe exposed to language, but the online play isn't the best, and is better in other games such as The Elder Scrolls Online.
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Adult Written byGalahad D. November 27, 2016

A modern fantasy masterpiece.

I got this game for my son a couple years ago, and every time I stopped by his room to watch him play it, I was amazed at the beautiful world, the rich lore, and the interesting characters. As for the violence? The game had weapons like a sword, or a dagger, but no guns or knives. There was a bit of blood in the game, but about as much as a Zalda game. I think this game exceeds in all aspects.
Parent Written byyourskeptic March 21, 2015

Great Game, Tough Game

Having played this several times start to finish, there is no sexual content in this game. There are no swears. There is violence and gore. Most important thing to understand about this game is the extreme difficulty. Younger kids just won't be able to progress far so there isn't much point in it for them. Older kids and adults... one of the best ever.