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Super-challenging action RPG is also extremely bloody, gory.
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Teen, 16 years old Written byNiabela April 16, 2016

A Truly Incredible Experience

At first glance, most people look at Dark Souls as a challenging game, and only the most dedicated and hardcore players can beat this game. This is a trend I always hated, and this isn't how the Souls series should be viewed. Instead, it should be viewed as what a video game should strive to be. Video games have the potential to be something that nothing else can. Not only can they put you in control of a character or a world, but they can give you an experience. They can use gameplay and interactivity to make you experience the world. Good games realize that you aren't just a viewer: you're a player. And carefully, true games can be designed so that the player doesn't just witness the world around him/her, but experience it. A book can't do this. A movie can't do this. Sure, these mediums can make you empathize, but they can't make you experience. Only a game can do that. Dark Souls does this the best and it's what makes it special. What a lot of people don't understand is that Dark Souls isn't difficult for the sake of being difficult. Its difficulty comes as a result of a deeper design philosophy. "From Software" have actively designed their game around something that only games have: a failure state. Death in video games is something we take for granted at this point. But in Dark Souls, death and failure are designed to give you that feeling of struggle and triumph. It's also used to immerse yourself in a world where death doesn't end you life, but it brings you closer and closer to giving up, but once you finally overcome your obstacles, you get that feeling of accomplishment that most other games can't do. People often say "It's too difficult," or "It doesn't explain things to you." These are complaints leveled at the Souls series regularly and they're right. Dark Souls is too difficult for some people. Dark Souls also doesn't go out of its way to explain things to you. But here's something you have to understand about Dark Souls. It's a game that doesn't "dumb down" the experience for the benefit of the so-called mass market appeal. It does its own thing, regardless of whether some people will be turned off, and in doing so, it's become something infinitely more valuable and pure. Dark Souls also approached the concept of story in a game in a unique way. The story elements are cryptic and hidden down to the last little detail, and while you might have some idea of what happened by the end of the game, most players might just end up thinking "Why am I on fire?" There's actually a beautiful little story behind why the Souls games were created with these cryptic, hidden stories. I read an interview with Miyazaki. When Miyazaki, the game director, was a child, he loved reading Western fantasy. He loved the stories, the settings, and he was inspired. And so Dark Souls was created in this Western RPG format. But Miyazaki couldn't read English very well, so when he read these Western fantasy novels, he had gaps, and some parts of these books he just couldn't read. And so while he had this vision of decaying castles and brave knights, he had to use his imagination to fill the gaps. And in doing so, he created a story that was partly his own, and a story that was richer because of this fact. Sounds familiar? When we play Dark Souls, we create our own stories, just like Miyazaki did. We read item descriptions, we listen to dialogue, and from the fragments of a story, we slowly, carefully craft this vision of a world. This is a quote from the Dark Souls Design Works book: "Miyazaki: … a certain sense of refinement, elegance and dignity are very important to me. I’ll usually tell the designers that flat-out grotesque or splatter type designs will not get past me. This has everything to do with my own personal sensibilities, and it is something that I apply to every design that I approve." "Waragai: . . . I remember when I was drawing the Undead Dragon, I submitted a design draft that depicted a dragon swarming with maggots and other gross things. Miyazaki handed it back to me saying, “This isn’t dignified. Don’t rely on the gross factor to portray an undead dragon. Can’t you instead try to convey the deep sorrow of a magnificent beast doomed to a slow and possibly endless descent into ruin?” This game challenges you to look deeper into every aspect of design in the game. Some people just see a rotting dragon, others will see that "deep sorrow of a magnificent beast doomed to die a slow and possibly endless decent into ruin." This quote changed my view on how games are made and things like this can truly inspire people. I hate how a lot of people think that video games are a primitive form of entertainment and will not make you think the same way a good book or movie does. I hate the fact that when these people are introduced to video games, they view it as nothing but brainless violence. But I hope this review allows you to see through that and instead look at video games as another form of art. Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you make your choice on whether you should buy this game for your teen.
Teen, 13 years old Written byDylanLS April 25, 2016
The violence can be intense for younger viewers. This should be played only by mature people.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byRikard Tresko April 16, 2016

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Teen, 17 years old Written byPancakemix2000 February 25, 2018

Miss-rated for no reason

I would consider myself a veteran gamer, as such, I can safely say that the Dark Souls series in general shouldn't have an M rating, especially when there are games much worse than this one in every way, (Except maybe difficulty) for example it's no where near as gory as Outlast or Mortal Kombat, and it's not dark/twisted like GTA or Call of Duty in the sense of just killing anyone for fun/no reason. The only real restriction I would put on it is it's difficulty. However difficulty relies on player skill and experience, so that's more or less irrelevant, a 5 year could be as good as anyone as long as they've put in the practice needed to be good. Overall I think Dark Souls has been rated incorrectly, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge, no matter how old one may be. Just remember that this game is not only hard, but unfair at times, it is a challenge, but no one said it was a fair challenge.

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Positive role models
Teen, 16 years old Written bytalon2000 July 6, 2016

Excellent and challenging game

Okay, a 5/5 in violence is ridiculous. There are games like Mortal Kombat and movies like Saw that have the same violence rating as Dark Souls? No. This is easily a T-rated game when the blood is turned off or set to mild. That's all the "gore" that the review talks about: sprays of unrealistic blood after you hit an enemy. I'd give this maybe a 4/5 for violence. With that out of the way, Dark Souls III is my favorite game. It has fantastic gameplay and visual design, and there is NO feeling better than finally beating that impossible boss. It is a very difficult game and makes you have commitment to farming and grinding to level up and become better. The game is full of secret areas and callbacks to the first Dark Souls. The only language is that one NPC monster says "bastard" occasionally. There is ZERO sexual content and ZERO alcohol or drugs in the game. If you need convincing to let your kid play this game, just know that this could have easily been T-rated like its predecessor. Also, there isn't really a need to have played the other Dark Souls games to understand this one (I didn't play them). The story takes place in a different area and it's really not a story based game. Overall I give the game an A+, and I'd let my 14-ish year old play it.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written bycmprazen June 7, 2016

Really fun game!

This game would be fine for any child if you don't mind blood, and don't mind dying over and over again. There is absolutely no profanity or sexual content. I played Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 when I was about 8 years old and I loved it, so I think any child that can get the hang of it will have fun with it.
Kid, 12 years old March 31, 2018

This site is dumb

There is absolutely a story and character development and it is fantastic so shut up common sense. The game is hard and there is a lot of blood yes but its not Game of Thrones.
Teen, 14 years old Written byWatchaDu June 19, 2017

An amazing game and should be fine for most 10+

Dark Souls 3 is a amazing game with very fun combat. The game doesn't have guns as it is in a fantasy setting such as "lord of the rings" where people use Swords, Bows and Magic instead of guns and grenades. The game may be described as "gory" by CSM but the gore is more blood that comes out of weird skeleton men and snake people. The game is so unrealistic in that sense that I don't think any kind past the age of 10 would have any harm in playing it. WARNING: The game is however very difficult and can get frustrating at times due to hard enemies so this game may not be great for children who get angry easily as controllers may be broken. :)
Teen, 17 years old Written byadude January 7, 2019

The cream of the crop

Now this is the pinnacle of Dark Souls. While Bloodborne will always be my favorite of the soulsborne games, when you're talking strictly Dark Souls the third game is the one I always recommend people play. Gone are the unfair zones like Tomb of the Giants or Blighttown, gone are overpowered techniques and ludicrous bosses, Dark Souls 3 boasts back to back quality in almost everything it does. As usual my favorite parts of the game were the searing musical score (seriously, the music is one of the best parts of these games) the wonderfuly atmospheric locals, and the gothic art design, but combined with a beautiful marriage of Soulsian storytelling and lore and Bloodborne's fluid, fast combat system. The game is still hard, yes, but it's the kind of difficulty that constantly lends itself to review, the more you play, the more you understand. Dark Souls 3 has been perfectly designed so you slowly but surely learn enemy attack patterns, you understand what works and what doesn't, you build your playstyle and are compelled to fight back against the rising tide of difficulty because it feels good to overcome those obstacles. The Souls series has always shone most brightly with its bosses, and the final game does not disappoint in that regard. Every hulking enemy you do battle with has an often heartbreaking story to unravel, and the titanic duels you engage in are some of the best of the series. The online component is still shaky, invasions still wildly inconsistent, but these are extremely minor complaints. Miazaky (or however you spell that name) and the folks at From Software have clearly listened to fan feedback over the course of the series, and this focus on gamer experience yields the best Dark Souls has to offer. As usual you can turn off blood, so the only thing keeping people from playing it is either the frightening at times enemy design and high difficulty. If you fall into the latter, I implore you, try this game. It won't be easy, but it will always be a rewarding experience, the more you play Dark Souls 3, the more you'll appreciate it, which is the best kind of game, if you ask me.

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byEthan S February 12, 2019

Really CSM?

Come on. This game has got to be the most unfairly rated title in this site. This game, including 2 and 3, have difficulty, yes, but really? Violence is a big part of this game, that’s true. But, this game is made for all ages, and it’s just like Gears. This rated M title can be cut down to T with the blood option. You can make it on, mild, or completely off. I beat this game over 7 times, all on different characters. My 6 year old brother, my 6 GOD DAMN YEAR OLD BROTHER, played this game, and made it to Pontiff Sulyvahn. PONTIFF FRIGGIN SULYVAHN! This game is not intended for those who broke a monitor or two because they died once. You will be dying over and over and over again.
Teen, 13 years old Written byTheMiniYeti November 4, 2018

Beautiful game

Dark Souls is an amazing, albiet very gory, game. The challenging boss fights and story quests make the experience difficult, yet incredible. The option to play with friends only makes it better. The story may seem confusing or non-existent, but between character voice lines, item descriptions, and the environment around you, a well thought out and phenomenal story exists.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 15 years old Written byTheMouseBoi August 7, 2018

Brilliant Ending to a Fantastic Series

Dark Souls III is the final game in From Software's breakout Souls series. It follows the vague continuity of the Dark Souls timeline without, as per usual, any regard to Demon Souls. The game has the same bleak atmosphere that all previous installments had. The reasoning for this is simple - it reflects the imperfections of humanity. Gore is minimal - there are sports of blood, bodies and occasionally maggots. There are no limbs flying off and viscera spilling out, so you needn't worry about your teen playing it. The games is challenging, typical of the Souls games and the bosses are more creative than previous installments. Enemy types are varied but always fit the design of the area. My one concern for younger kids playing the game would be the difficulty being a bit much for them to handle. In conclusion, Dark Souls III is an amazing game, lives up to the franchise and is probably fine as long as your kid knows that blood exists.

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Positive Messages
Teen, 13 years old Written byLincolnS April 27, 2017

Important message

Dark souls 3 is a fantasy rpg that I believe is unfairly rated, as there is no "gore", only blood, which makes no attempt at being realistic, and you can lower or turn it off completely so it is not a problem. The game is not sexual in any way that I know of, and the only problem that I know of is that it is quite difficult, but is much easier then the other two in the trilogy, and the most difficult part isn't even the enemies (very hard) but building your character (leveling up) because if you build you character wrong you will hit like a wet noodle and you won't be able to take a hit, which stinks, so the player needs to have some level of maturity, which younger kids lack.
Teen, 16 years old Written byNate7321 September 12, 2018
This game is dark and gory, but blood is optional. It's fun and challenging, and overall is a blast. Once you've killed a boss or you get past a hard area you feel accomplished because it to work to get there. Most kids can handle the blood just fine, but they might not be able to handle how hard the game is. But if they can they it is a great game to buy.
Teen, 15 years old Written byTrent Kelleher May 22, 2018

An Amazing Game!!!

The game is biggest and baddest in the entire series of Dark Souls. The game is violent but it has no other quirks or flaws. The game is very challenging but it teaches you that if you keep trying you can succeed, which is a good message to learn at a young age. It is a fantastic game for teens who are up for a good challenge.
Teen, 16 years old Written bytho0145 April 4, 2018

An amazing game

It is an amazing game for the right age group.

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Violence & scariness