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I would love to meet the game testers to see what they were thinking...

Deca Sports is a minigame collection for the Wii, just like every other game these days. The game features a variety of sports-related games which you can play at your lesiure since fortunately you aren't forced to unlock anything. You can't play as your Mii, and there is no program to create a character for you to use. Instead, you actually have to pick from pre-made teams. Each team has different attributes so you're going to want to look at their stats before choosing one. The programmers responsible for making the controls in this game are obviously very skilled. They are somehow able to systemmatically make every single game nearly unplayable by installing broken motion controlls that barely work. I would love to know how they do it. In some games, you can easily notice the lack of effort on the part of the programmers. For example, in the soccer event, if you have the ball, and you run even vaguely near an opposing player, they will steal the ball from you almost automatically. Combined with kicking controls that don't work, this means there is no scoring in the game most of the time. Basketball is equally terrible. Shooting the ball into the hoop, while the only way to score, is nearly impossible. You may as well not even try. While you won't score any points doing this, your opponent will most likely get shut out as well, even if they actually do try to score. Other events include several racing games, which have clunky and unresponsive controls. Of the other events, curling and figure skating are somewhat decent, archery is passable, and the volleyball and badminton games are fun but again controlled poorly. On a very consistant level, the controls break this game. Certain games are fun enough to be a time waster beteeen more worthwhile activities, but most just plain don't function properly. There is an inordinate amount of mini game collections for the wii, and this one doesn't stand out in any way. I can't possibly see why anyone would want to pay money for this game.
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