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Online shooter promotes social play, has violent combat.
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Adult Written byAlonso S. September 11, 2017

Just right

As a game review for children it s my job to look at games like these and ask whether young children should be playing them. I think this game in particular is the perfect balance of shooter kid friendly play.

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Parent of a 16 and 18+ year old Written bynuenjins November 1, 2017

Incredible shooter still consistantly complex and often confusing. HUGE time waster.

As a vet of FPS (first person shooters) this is by far one of the most robust and compeling games with more to offer than most of it's peers. There's no blood or gore per se' (heads do pop though) but it more than delivers with detailed flair, satisfying explosions and action. The details of the game are numerous and the opinions varied with an army of Youtubers making entire channels to unravel and report the complexities of the game(many of whom are actually making a living from it). Exspect you, or said child, to spend hours outside of the game to find secrets and guides to navigate the game as very little is explained IN the game itself. The end game "raid' for instance requires you to find 6 people online to play and has puzzles and challenges that often make little sense but can be deducted by trial and error. As year 1 players will attest, there is alot of grinding (repetative play)but not quite so much this time around. The game does not explain that the leveling up changes at a certain point to force players into attempting more difficult parts of the game. The developer Bungie (makers of the original Halo trilogy) is constantly tampering with the economy and balancing of the game because of relentless amounts of user feedback, but the silent majority usually rolls with the punches because it is just a fun and solid game to play. For single players, there's much to be had and enjoy with plenty of opportunities to explore and discover solo, although you STILL need a PSN or Xbox live account to access the game as it is all tallied online. For multiplayer you'll need a mic and will want to join a Bungie clan on their website, plus find an online group finder like 100io to prescedule games or sign up for group finders or console based clubs. Parents, just keep in mind that there are as many adullts playing here as kids and there are no filters for online interactions. (EDIT) A few months later it is discovered that legislators are looking into the randomness of the 'in game' microtransactions that entice young players to spend REAL money for a 'chance game' loot box to be considered gambling and be labeled ADULT ONLY. You may want to consider this when making the purchase as alot of throttling ( manipulating in game progress secretively by the developer) has been discovered being tied to these "engram" random 'loot boxes' as well to entice them to participate in a sort of 'slot machine' scenario for digital loot.
Adult Written byEthan B. October 29, 2017

Why you should let your child play destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first person shooter set on various different planets it really shows you what a fun colourful game should look like in my opinion destiny 2 is a great game and is allowed to be played by children 8+ merely because it is only when you are being shot that minor flecks of blood to appear on the scene.
Adult Written byRandy J. February 1, 2018

Great game

For kids it’s is an age appropriate game . It’s has mild blood flecks on the screen when you get hit . Mild violence

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Adult Written byrafaelm2 January 20, 2018

Waste of time

D2 is a mess and they've yet to provide the community with anything that resembles a complete game. One thing I'll credit bungie for, they've singlehandedly destroyed themselves and have garnered a level of hate, which I thought was only meant for the worst kind of people. How can a company that made Halo consider this game to be the successor of the franchise??? I just can't logically think why a company with such an enormous following continues to practice such volatile/greedy/shady business methods is beyond me. There is no reason for anyone to buy this game until D3 comes out, by then the game may finally be complete and you'll only have to pay $20. Can't wait for the new Borderlands game, the true shoot'em and loot'em game. D2 can keep Tess, I'll take Borderlands2 Butt Stallion any day. 
Adult Written byMark R. January 21, 2018

16 is appropriate

This game involves guns, killing, some blood, head shots and some mild bad language. In the uk this is rated 16. I think this is spot on. I'm a huge gamer and enjoy the game but am also a parent. There are plenty of games suitable for younger teenagers to play before they need to mete out galactic justice Destiny style. Also it's worth pointing out that like the first destiny game the model for this game involves encouraging users to pay to upgrade the game so as to continue playing online. Make them wait a little longer.
Adult Written byOSCAR . June 11, 2018

Great game for 11 year old's and up

this is a action-pact game that is a great for people 11 years old and up and has a good story that is not too difficult if you have played any fps games before, like halo or other games. It does not have much much gore I think the only thing is if you are low on health then there are splodges of red at the edges of the screen much it is not that bad, it is only kind of annoying! I also think that it shows if you work well in a team you can achieve your dreams or overcome your challenges!

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Adult Written byDiana_Clinton July 12, 2018

Great game promotes teamwork and hard work.

As a mom of 4 I approve very much of this game, usually I am extremely cautious around this genre of video playing. But my kids had a blast playing this game. I recommend it!

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Adult Written byXxHilary_ClintonxX July 12, 2018

Great game creates freindship and fun!

This has some other reviews on the game, and most of them are on the blood. From watching my kids playing they never have it, bc they never die. So if you are good at the game then you never have this problem.

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Parent Written byLuminous July 5, 2018


Destiny 2 is a action shooter game, with many twists and turns. I would say it is well worth the $60 for it. The controls are somewhat simple an it will give a tutorial. Definitely get if you can!