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this game is pretty good

this is generally a really great game and i can see why my son enjoys it he always talks about how great it is to his little brother. to be franc this game does not have many scenes that are too violent and the blood is not so bad in terms of swearing there is a little bit of swearing but your kid probably gets exposed to that at school anyways there is 0 sexual content and 0 drugs or drinking i really cant seem to see why its 18 and up.

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Easy to play/use
Too much violence
age 12+

Commonsense has no commonsense

Fellow parents please read my review. I have heard of the devil may cry series before and decided to play the hd collection of the older games. THose games, I admit were pretty bloddy and had a lot of language. HOWEVER though, not this one. After my 13 yr old son Jeremy saw me play the hd collection of the older games he asked me if he could play them and I told him no, definetly not because of all of the gore and language. However, I told him I would be devil may cry 5 and see if it was any better content wise. IN FACT IT WAS! In this game there is some language, but it is infrequent use. There is violence of course, but the blood is minimal, and there is no gore. There is no sex like in the last games, there is no alcohol. and there is no drugs. I would rate this game for violence, blood, and infrequent use of strong language. This game honestly should have a teen rating and not a mature rating. It is equivalent to a pg-13 movie, and by giving it a mature rating it is like saying that this game is a r rated movie, and it is nowhere even close to that. If your pretten or teen is interested, PLEASE BUY THEM THIS GAME!
age 16+

Definitive hack & slash game still painfully immature.

If you ever played Devil May Cry, you know what to exspect, just that THIS is the best version of itself. The gameplay, bosses and new character are great but the dialogue is dumb as usual, not to mention the mature themes that pop up and the sorely contrived CG action sequences straight out of a 12 year olds daydream. This series is the "best in class", just too bad they have to muck it up with cheap dialogue and facepalm storytelling . The new character V ends up being a very welcome new way to play that is both fresh and familiar at the same time. The REALLY nice touch is that ALL the buttons can be mapped to how YOU want them in case you find the default settings awkward or inefficient. I did this myself and it made the experience much more enjoyable. Over all thumbs up, but I think the plot needs some fresh content as the "reveal" here was underwhelming and way too familiar.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 13+

Blood and Language

I think this is an amazing game, especially in the hack and slash genre. There is blood, but no gore. As a parent of a 14 and 13 year old I personally think that this game is fine for if you’re 13 or older. It can get bloody at times, but let’s be honest, when you’re playing video games, you don’t notice blood, your focusing on what to do next and on our enemy, so you don’t notice it while your playing. In the cut scenes on the other hand, do get pretty bloody, and the blood is pretty noticeable, when you’re watching the scene play out. You could always just skip the cutscene though. Language, there is some swearing, not to much, besides your kids probably hear swearing all the time at school anyways. You can also change the language that the characters are speaking to Japanese. So your child will not be hearing the actual words, but reading them instead. With all that said, I think it’s a great game, that everyone, and I mean everyone over the age of 13 should play.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much swearing
age 15+

This just Rocks!

Bloody fantasy violence for teens.