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Educator and Parent Written byJames75 December 5, 2013

A bloody romp with a shocking likable hero

The main review has likely already informed you as the the blood in this game. While there is a notable amount of blood, no gore is present. Also none of the enemies killed are human, they are abstract demons. However, it should be noted that Dante is a surprisingly good person. He has moral values and actually refuses to give in to temptations like greed and lust. He also genuinely cares about the people he encounters, his relationship with his brother, in fact, is a fascinating one that should be given much more credit. The blood may be heavy, but I've honestly seen worse in Uncharted, which has similar amounts of blood and the enmities are actually human, and that game received a T rating. I'd say 14 is the right age for this game.
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Great role models
Adult Written bySafetymom17 September 7, 2015

solid hack and slash for tweens and up

In this game you play as Dante son of a powerful demon and a regular woman, who by the circumstances of "video gamey stuff" comes to be fighting demons. The combat is the kind of hack and slash combat you'd expect: hitting enemies, juggling them around, and just generally making a mess as cartoony blood flies out of them. There is very little bad language and a few characters that are like hourglasses with pillows nailed to each end. However, overall it's a solid and fairly tame hack and slash collection. With hours of slashing, shooting, and killing squishy dispensers of copious amounts of strawberry jam.
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Too much violence