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age 7+

Weirdly mixed messages from PEGI, other websites and this website... can someone who is an actual critic make a usable review so I can see if this is good for my brithers? I like digimon I just want to make sure this game is appropriate for them.

According to PEGI: Advice for consumers This game has received a PEGI 7 because it features mild violence that lacks any apparent harm or injury to human-like and fantasy characters. Not suitable for persons under 7 years of age. Brief outline of the game Reissue of role-playing game, set in an open world environment, in which players take control of a human character who is accompanied by two partner Digimon. This version of the game includes the Malevolent Fist DLC. Content specific issues This game features frequent combat between digital monsters, which can either be fantasy-like or human-like in nature. The violence is unrealistic, as are reactions to it. Characters display health bars, with bright lights and effects showing impacts and numbers indicating damage. There are limited reactions to being hit and no visible harm or hurt. When characters are defeated they fall to the floor, after which they can be revived.

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age 11+

Actually NOT a copy of Pokémon.

Whoever just said that it's just a copy of Pokémon is not a true Digimon Fan. That kind of thinking is what will hold you back from actually enjoying the game. It is much different than Pokémon, with a different plot point and game/battle mechanics, although I can see how it might seem like it. It is much more than a Pokémon copy. It also has this awesome fusion mechanic where you can temporarily combine Digimon of higher levels, which I think is awesome. There are some bad things about it, like chunky loading screens, but a good game besides that.
age 2+

digimon is just a copy of pokemon. don't let your kids play it.