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Anime-inspired fantasy MMO with turn-based combat and chat.
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Kid, 11 years old May 30, 2010
Common Sense, for the first time I've seen, is wrong. First of all, they say there is no blood, they just fall when they die. Actually when you attack monsters or innocent animals, blood squirts out, and different enemies have different animations for dying. Some drop dead, and some fall into a bloody pile of bones, etc.. Also they said that drinking, smoking, and drugs isn't a problem, when there is a whole class, whom you have to specially buy, who's main attack is to get drunk and gain power. The class, a panda, can be seen constantly pouring what looks like moonshine all over his/her self. When it comes to language, they might not have gotten this far in the game, ,but a certain character in a required quest cusses. Not badly, but cusses. Yet through all that, it teaches kids to be consistent, and that sometimes things are even more fun when you do one thing, (let's say, one class or character) a long amount of time.
I agree when they say it's easy and safe. Whenever you type a message that might contain any personal information they send a message saying this message can not be sent. The only way to avoid this is to put spaces in between each letter/number, so hopefully your kid is A, not smart enough to figure that out, and B, not motivated enough to try that hard. Also, some characters are motivating, nice, and good role models, as well as some are ugly, mean, violent, and terrible. You end up mostly talking to the nice ones, and fighting the bad ones, which depending on your view may or may not be a good thing.
Turning back to language, a lot of parents are okay with one or two "d" words, and this is honestly all that is. After the first or second week, the language perfectly stops, after 2-3 hardly foul words.
As for product placement, they constantly send text saying you should subscribe, spend fees after fees to be able to get new things, like pets, more clothes, that alcohol based class, and mostly tons of more locations. So that is not a problem as long as you don't let them have access to that kind of stuff (credit card numbers, etc., for they can take it with out asking) that's not a problem. The free version does go on forever, but honestly there is a constant craving to pay for new things.
All in all, it's okay. I rated it iffy for 10 because there are those moments, and Dofus players probably no what I mean, but even 10+ is pretty fine. As for fun, I think it takes patience at first but then it's very fun. 8/10.

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