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As bloody as games get -- adults only.
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Adult Written bywof8317 February 6, 2020


I play this game and it is downright creepy, but pretty good for its time. However, I would not recommend this game to any children under 14 years of age because of the violence, gore, and possible waking up in the middle of the night screaming for his/her parents. I also recommend doing some more research on this game so that you can make a more educated decision.
Parent Written byAlex N. September 5, 2016

Doom 3

Not the goriest game ever, moderate blood, severe gore (dismemberment) disappers, hellish and frightening atmosphere. Not for small children, but if your teen is not scared by it, all the power to them. good game.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bymichaelv4 March 20, 2016

DOOM 3: Scary as can be and still looks good.

Now DOOM 3 is pretty much one of the best looking and scariest games you can get your hands on to this very day. The graphics still hold up because of the genius technical work that was done by John Carmack for Id Tech 4. The gameplay still is great (with the exception of the flashlight mechanic). And the jump scares can still get you. However if you want to play the original version instead of the BFG Edition, I'd recommend the PC version from Steam because you get a fuller experience and the console version of the game is rare. However the website's review makes it look like it's a straight up shoot 'em up when it's actually a story based experience and interactive haunted house.
Parent Written bylsllajd August 7, 2013


I let my 6 year old play this
Parent Written byMike H. August 22, 2012

Great for Adults

Yes, Doom 3 is good. Really good. For a game produced in 2004, its graphics still excel far above that of many games produced quite recently. Mods are quite abundant, especially high-resolution texture packs and customized shaders that bring it up to 2012 standards. There are other violent video games out there, Doom 3 is just a lot less subtle. It's rated "Mature." Honestly, playing it'll give many people nightmares. id Software designed it that way. That said, it's up to families to decide whether or not they want to allow games such as this in their home.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byShinchan56798 June 9, 2011

Great game. Great for 12 and older iffy for 10 and 11

Great game. But it might be too violent or scary for younger children. Although if your child is 10 or 11 and is mature enough for this. Let them play.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byteenreviewer April 9, 2008


My favorite game at this point in life. Best played if alone, in dark, and w/ really good surround sound or head phones. I say it all depends on the kid if they can handle the game or not. The graphics are the best out of any game and the sound is in perfect sync with the game.
Adult Written bydoublebarrel April 9, 2008

this game does what ID software set out to do...

This game is very scary. The sound, lighting and claustriphobic hallways make this a great horror game. The creepiest segments EVER in a game is when you are on the mars surface, losing air and fighting demons, struggling to find the airlock. The sound is really great. But this is in no way meant for kids, so dont let them play it for thier sake!
Adult Written byuacmarine April 9, 2008

very frightening, not for kids, but u research it and decide

well, ive read a few reviews sayin "oh, this is bad for kids and all" but if folks would just follow the ESRB rating system when it comes to games like really boils down to research and common sense....when you see a game with a big scary demon on it with pentagrams, u kno it hasta be either scary or bad or both....i reccommend researching games yourself since not all reviews make an accurate reflection of what you might consider to be alright....if you are into first person shooting w/ alot of gore, then this is the game for you, however, if you are easily frightened, then dont get this game, it will make you very frightened, that is the purpose of games like this, to scare people. basically, you are a marine, stationed on mars, when a teleportation experiment opens the portals of hell. The base is over run, and you are one of the only survivors tasked with repelling this invasion and preventing the orbital fleet from being hijacked and used to transport the demons to earth.....the game is at best very gruesome and in some places sacriligious, so be careful with whatever decision you make....
Adult Written byFoehammer0893 April 9, 2008

Bloody Fun

This game is scary, bloody, and... scary. My son plays it and he says its scary but fun. I wouldn't recomend small children up to the age of 13.
Adult Written byfenixataris182 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byzaydogg April 9, 2008

best video game ever

first person shooter with plenty of monsters to smeare all over the walls. very scary. for example, your walkin down the halls with your wide variety of weapons(pistol,shotgun,machinegun,chaingun,plasmagun,rocketlauncher,chainsaw,flashlight,BFG,and your fists) and you look around the corner, nothings there, then you look the other way and you hear something(screaming,roaring,laughing,etc.)turn back around and then theres a demon in your face that you can slaughter brutally. very bloody and gorey. every wall has blood wiped all over it and every now and then you can see a dismembered body part on the ground or a dead body hanging from the ceiling that you can punch into a bloody skellotol pulp. bottom line very violent and scary shooter game.
Adult Written bycheater87 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byPal101 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byMikeM April 9, 2008

Very fun game, but also very gory

Doom 3 is an excellent first person shooter. The graphics are great and there are an extensive number of weapons you can use. They may have tried too hard with the plot though - I don't really find it fun to read emails and listen to audio clips when I'm in the middle of fighting several monsters. However all in all, I give this game 5 stars.

GORE: Parents should be aware that this game is very bloody and gory. Some of the images may be disturbing to very young children. The monsters in the game get decapitated when you shoot them but disappear when they die. Same goes for human beings (if you attempt to shoot your team mates for any reason). But the cut scenes can be bit graphic and there are many levels with blood splattered on the wall - in one level the blood spells out the word "DIE".

LANGUAGE: There is really no bad language in this game, except for:
- "ASS" | used in the context of "Get your ass back to mars"
- "S--T" | it isn't actually said but is used in a few emails that you can read using your PDA (most kids don't bother reading the emails so this really isn't an issue)
- and maybe a few other mild words such as "damn" or "hell".

SEXUALITY: There is no sexual content or nudity in this game whatsoever.

DRUG USE: There are no references or depictions of drugs or alcohol.

SUMMARY: This is a very fun game and it can be appropriate for kids as young as 10 years old (so long as they're mature and can mentally handle the blood/gore this game entails).

I hope this review helped.
Adult Written byAngeloKnight April 9, 2008

This game is freakin Scary!!! And its all Blood&Violence!!!

You people in the world have a choice or not to like this game but personally my opinion is that this game is THE GREATEST GAME EVER!!!! With the 3D graphics and the wide variety of weapons in the game (pistol,shotgun,chainsaw,machinegun&BFG). The best part about it is the Blood, Gore and Violence, blood smeared all over the walls and floors, mutilated body parts in the toilet and zombies tryin to rip your guts out or hanging from the ceiling to make you punch ther crap out of it. So try DOOM 3 if you dare?
Adult Written bybabybackrib April 9, 2008

scary as hell

ok,do not i repeat,DO NOT let small children play this game,personally I'm scared of it ok.Extreme blood and gore.this game should be rated AO for ADULTS ONLY.
Adult Written bywjbyman April 9, 2008

Wholly worthless game

Every now and then a game comes along that never should have been made, this is it. It has no reedeming value whatsoever. And it may serve to introduce a bad element into your home.
Adult Written byKakulukia April 9, 2008
Adult Written byDoctorMeth April 9, 2008

Christianity at its best

People think of Doom as a satanic game, having the frequency of demon appearences in it, but that is the opposite of the truth, what I call a Clinton-face lie. The game is about killing demons to prevent them from destroying Earth, sure theres blood, sure people are torn apart, and sure there will be pentegrams launching chanisaw wielding demons at you, but once you step foot into the underworld and see what has to be done, you'll know what your kids SHOULD be learning in school; that they should know what the worst thing is and this game lets you fight it... sorta.