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Dr. Mario Express

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age 2+

Perfect for the whole family

This is a real good game! It is very educational and only for the DSi... Which I think is kinda a rip-off but its SOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
age 4+

Well I'm sorry there aren't any cheats...

There aren't many tips on this game so I'll just show you how to be a better player. Look under where you are going to put your capsle if left is blue and right is yellow and the next capsle is yellow on the right and blue is on the left press A twice.
age 2+


can you see it not an issue
age 7+

tottaly boring

weak graphics not very good can get a little 2 easy
age 2+
age 2+
age 2+
age 3+

it is cool

this gameentertains kid s older then 3 year and up even 4graders like mario expressbut some ofm us dont so youshould pickmario