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Adult Written byBestreviewerever123 January 12, 2014

Great amazing game.

This is one of the best medieval games out in the video game world! It's basically a Japanese Skyrim. It does have some blood and gore but its a medieval game so there is going to be some hacking and slashing and cutting etc. There is a little be of nudity just because when you are dressing or putting armor on they have only underwear on ( male ). The women characters have a bra and underwear when you are dressing them or putting armor on them etc. (women). You are basically defending the city from a raging killing dragon that is trying to kill all the citizens in the city. If you kill a citizen or hurt or grab a citizen etc. you will be punished by the guards by going to the dungeon or paying a fine of 5000$ dollars. Overall it's a great and beautiful game. 12+ maybe 13+
Parent Written byTomBoyGuy September 2, 2013

Playing as a Female, and Choosing Love Interests

There are some incorrect comments on the details of playing as a female character. One says that, while playing as a woman, you "will", have a same-sex love-interest. This is not quite true. This is referring to a side-quest, that to be initiated, you have to go strongly out of your way to make progress in, over a long-period of time across the main quest. No one is forced into this side-quest, it doesn't need to be done to complete the game, and it is completely optional. The comment under positive role-models may also be confusing the ability to have a main love-interest for the plot of the game with the above mentioned quest, or the actual NPC characters available to fit a love-interest role for the main-story cut-scenes. The way this works is, you as a player can increase affinity with non-playable characters in the game, by talking to them a whole lot, or by giving them specific gifts they like. You can also do things to make characters not like you, so ending up with a certain character as your love-interest is in the control of the player much more than the game. So playing as a male or a female, you as the player have the freedom to influence whether you become romantically involved with males and females alike, and nothing of concern happens without the players manual influence on the matter. Overall the game is very mature, obviously taking place in a medieval, dark environment. If your kid is interested in this kid of thing already though, I think as young as 13 would be mature enough to handle the things this game has to show. Nothing nightmare inducing, but maybe not something you want to expose to your kids if you're very protective over them seeing magical violence or PG-13 sexuality.
Parent of a 11 year old Written byconcernedparent413 July 5, 2014

Not for Children

This game is certainly not for children. The images displayed are violent, disturbing, and contains overtly sexual undertones throughout. The player is encouraged to murder innocent people, including civilians, for sport. There is a lot of blood and gore as well
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