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age 12+

Awesome tool for making whatever your imagination wonders too!!

Dreams is a great engine to create whatever your heart desires in any way, but you can also play the things that other people make. And that’s when it gets slightly inappropriate. Here is a parent review sorted into 5 sections: VIOLENCE: Violence is limited, and if it gets over the top moderators can remove the creation from the browser. This violence can range from mild-moderate fight scenes, violence such as shooting with blood sprays and splatters, dead bodies and mutilated corpses with innards hanging out rarely. Inside games, you can also explore dark and disturbing content of any kind, with an exception of rape and sexual harassment. LANGUAGE: Language is infrequent and hard to find in general, but you may hear some usage of “shit”, “damn”, “hell” and “ass” along with all of its variations. Sometimes, you may find a “fuck” or two that snuck under the moderators DRUG/ALCOHOL/TOBACCO USE: In games, characters can smoke, show and do drugs etc. without any restrictions. SEXUAL CONTENT: This is restricted in every way, and you will never see any of this as well as nudity isn’t present. OVERALL: 12-16+

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Easy to play/use
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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