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Age Restrictions Disagreement!

I am a professional at age restrictions for games and movies. The game was rated a 16+ by the BBFC (British Board Classification Programmers) and I slightly disagree with this rating. It clearly states on the box that the game is rated this due to Strong Violence. That honestly is all that is up with the game, but I wouldn't even call it Strong myself. The game does involved guns and you can shoot people. But when you shoot people they just fall over and it looks really fake. But I agree on the fact that you can irrelavantly eliminate pedestrians who have done nothing wrong, can seem quite disturbing to some. The game contains no language, sexual scenes or drugs! It contains mild tobacco and alcohol use which is more or less harmless! In my opinion the game should only be a 12+ or at least a 15+ even though you can highjack vehicles, run people over and get run over yourself. It still is not disturbing, bloody, real and intense so it is fine!

This title has:

Too much violence
age 14+
not that bad. i would only rate it T for TEEN. really not that bad, dont mind kids playing it. way better then that grand theft auto. there is shooting, but not very bad.

This title has:

Too much violence
not rated for age