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Due Process: Pixel Perfect Tactical Takedowns

Age Rating 14 and up Violence: The game includes a wide variety of guns, grenades, and tools to increase survival. The game has no blood though characters do flash red when getting hit (this is barely visible as most muzzle flashes hide this) that being said most E10 games such as Minecraft and Breath of the Wild have this as a damage indicator. All weapons are fictional versions of their real life counterparts. Violent themes: This game looks like an 80s arcade game and a saturday morning cartoon had a child with Rainbow six. But don't let this cartooney art style fool you this game isn't for kids. As the attackers (Aka Argus) you are tasked with taking out Terrorists who are actively trying to suicide bomb a building for unknown reasons. As a Defender (Aka the Terrorists) you are tasked with killing the Argus which are basically fictional police officers (or more accurately SWAT tactical operators). You use barbed wire, molotovs, grenades, flashbangs, map knowledge and an arsenal of weapons to take down foes. (or friendlies if you aren't paying attention.) That being said, again there is no blood. Why 14+?: The game's community is very small and consists of mainly younger men who use foul language and may use racial slurs. This is common for most online games so this can be a really bad influence if your kid is playing the game. If you'd like to avoid this get five of your buddies together and play in the same match so you're around people you know your kid can trust. Critiques? 1: The price. this is way too expensive for what you get, as much as I enjoy it there are games similar to this that are far more popular and far cheaper as well. I prefer this game over those, however this price tag is steep for a relatively unknown game. 2: The game has a very very small community. Probably because of the price. They should make this game 10 (USD) dollars at most. It's strange to me when a multiplayer game is this pricey, because they don't take into account that to have an enjoyable lobby you have to get 4 other guys to agree to getting the game. Other than those two complaints (which is basically just one complaint) it's a great game. The game itself isn't very bad for kids but the community is filled with strong language that you may not want your kid to use. (Side note you can mute other people in the TAB menu. not in settings for some strange reason. People mostly communicate on the map screen the voice chat consists mainly of people talking about private parts and yelling swears and slurs.)

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