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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

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age 10+

A great game for robot fans!

I have this game and I would suggest it to anyone who love mechs. There is language but nothing too bad.It is pretty easy to play because it's mostly just button mashing. It has some strategy because you have to protect your fellow pilots and fields while destroying the enemy. It is sourrounded by an anti-war message with some good role models like Amuro ray and Kamile bidan, but it has some bad role models such as Jerid messa and Char aznable. If you know gundam you know there is a huge line of snap together model kits and action figures so your kids may want one (look around the internet and you'll find more info). All in all it's a great game with some need for hand-eye coordination (not to much to make a diffence though) and some knowledge of gundam (though you can play it without any knowledge of gundam), but besides that it's pretty simple and has a couple hundred missions that'll keep your kids playing for awhile. I would recommend it to anyone over ten. Oh it also has some violence but know blood.

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