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Good game

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Blood Alert

I wish I could say this game was a great educational experience with zero blood, amazing graphics, and great game play. I can only fulfill a few of those wishes. During some long matches gashes will open up on either you or your opponents head or torso. These gashes if hit enough times will end up leaving a sprayed blood effect on the body in which the gash is on. This obviously is something that a parent should think about when getting the game for their son or daughter because unlike some games it is hard to actually turn the blood of. The MMA and graphics side of the game is truly incredible. If you know someone who is in love with MMA fighting then this is the game for them. The impact the player sees on the other fighters flesh to the incredibly detailed grimaces you see when your team cleans you up in between two different rounds is truly incredible. As for the My Career story line, it is a exiting amount of dealing with sponsors, training in your own gym to get experience points, and working your way up the ladder until you get the long deserved title of champion of the world. Sadly once you are there it turns into a repetitive amount of matches until you get hit so many times that your longevity meter runs out and you get to the hall of fame where you get nothing besides the end of a cheap and overpriced story line. During this story line one gets watch real videos of matches that much like the game are gruesomely bloody. Yes, you can skip them but that will deflate the already disappointing story line even more. Finally the controls, I will use one word to describe them, tiring. It will take a regular gamer at least 24 hours to master the series of moves that before you have mastered them will be used against you for every round until you finally get lucky because you have smashed the buttons on your controller even though you could never repeat it because you have no idea what you did or how it worked. While the game would be great for about a week even if you did forget about all the blood covering your son or daughters fighter eventually the game would turn into a overpriced, hard to use, violent, series of matches that mean nothing in a disappointing story line.
age 4+

amazing game

this game entertained me for dayz and it still is a amazing games it has a great multiplayer a good core campaign and a super detailed charecter customization

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Great messages
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
age 8+

an amazing game that i had lots of fun with

common sense media reviewed this and said 2 stars i love this game though it is super fun expecially becuase i am a mma fan also common sense said that this game was 'appropriate for kids 14 and up' but my 6 year old brother plays it on his xbox one

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence