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Farm Frenzy Forever

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age 8+

Oh Boy, Do I Remember This One...

Okay, back when I was a younger teen, I was pretty dumb. Frankly, no one in my house or that I interacted with knew anything about computers or computer games; so I grew up thinking that games like these were cool. It was a real smack in the face to learn that, even in a pastime where time-wasting is a problem, I had really wasted my time with these games. Look, as an interesting little game, getting one of the Farm Frenzy games is okay and kind of fun. Don't get all ten of them. Instead, go play Minecraft, Geometry Wars, a Mario game, or chess. Better yet, go find some friends and play a pickup game of soccer, or go ride your bike to the edge of town and do dumb stunts like your parents used to.

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