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Parent Written byHARD2BEATBOSS December 25, 2012

Good but scary

Great game but slender scary
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written byTom_Gamer_Tom June 23, 2010

More violent than most First Person Shooters.

FEAR 2 is obviously scary. As shown by the name of the game and the Box art. The violence is extreme, The blood is very high with extreme amounts of it. You find random limbs everywhere which isn't very nice. You decapitate people a lot and you have lots of scares that would make kids not sleep for weeks. There is a rape in this too. There is some language but its not to be worried about.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written byDonCorleone26 January 26, 2010
like kids should play this game i mean parents can't protect their kids from the world outside. there are things in this game that are in everyday lives. why block kids from something they will learn eventually down the road i mean does it really matter? Go FEAR it fu*king rocks end of story
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Parent Written byPlague December 1, 2009

F.E.A.R. 2

Great game I must say. The first one was also quite amazing, but I was more drawn into this one. Just the storyline and the gameplay itself drew me more and more into the game. I also was impressed by the cut scense that played throught the game as well. All in all I give it an A.
Parent of a 14 and 14 year old Written byChristianDAD883 July 6, 2009

Perfect for 13 teen and 14 girls and guys!!!!!

Fear 2 is soooo kick ass. Dudes let your kid play this amazing game. Its sooo fun. Who cares if its demonic and desturbing? thats all part of the game!
Adult Written byDbryan612 April 26, 2009

intense and almost went in my pants

really good game, it is a first person shooter with scary scenes in between levels. An intense game, deffinetly recommend anyone to get it also a very wicked ending.
Parent of a 12 and 18 year old Written byreaperkiller March 9, 2009


Fear 2 is an outstanding game, but if we're talking about kids here,DONT. Fear 2 is a intense non-stop shooter. It contains alot of gore. When you shoot your enemies blood splatters everywhere, you can blow your enemies in half with grenades. This game contains ALOT of disturbing and frightening images, kids will have nightmares for sure. From just walking, to a freakishly frightening monster choking you, this game is a no for kids, and a must-play to adults.
Adult Written byTwilight March 4, 2009


Project Origin is an amazing game, the graphics are Extraordinary and the Gameplay and Controls are Fairly Decent. The violence in this game can get pretty graphic at times. Blood is Ubiquitous, Explosions result in Enemies being blown in half, their sides and backs get ripped away (Revealing their spinal cords and other Goodies), Heads Explode and are shot off, and Enemies can get crushed or Blasted into itty bitty chunks by Mechs, Grenades, and rockets. Aside from the Violence, there's a Decent amount of Cursing too. The "F-Bomb" is dropped rather frequently by allies and occasionally by Enemy soldiers (Enemy Soldiers say Mother-Fu**er too). As for Alma being "Naked", She might as well have a shirt and some jeans on. Alma is virtually clothed by her hair, so there's no real issue there. The Online is nothing that you haven't seen in other games, but it's still fun and it will keep you entertained for quite a bit of time. You'll get the Occasional foul mouthed 10 year-old (Who hasn't played with or against one of these?). *SPOILER ALERT* The "Rape" is not even noticeable, I thought Alma was Beating the snot out of me until my friend told me what was going on. All in all it's an Awesome (And at times Frightening) game for ages 14 and up.