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Starts free, but fantasy game has in-game costs.
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Adult Written byjoshx April 3, 2016
Stay away this is a 18+ community with a lot of creeps

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byTweetnix January 1, 2014


I'm saying this as a former adult consumer of this game for a good 3 years plus.

DO NOT let your child play Fiesta! Please, by all means, not fiesta.

In fact, be very wary with them playing any online game, but fiesta I've been told by at least two other observers who played that game and alot of others, the problems I'm about to speak about persist there in unusual abundance. Probably because it is a cheap quality game on the outerskirts of free to play mmorpg's.

I came to that game to escape life somewhat, cos life somewhat sucked. That was pretty stupid, I know. Things were about to get alot more stupid.

I was a naive young adult about the age of 22. It was the first online game I had ever played. I wasn't really aware that many other games existed. So I found a brightly coloured 3D world online where many different people came and interacted in another reality stunning and amazing. That helped to pull me in.

I say pull in because nothing was advertised as to what could go wrong with it. Far as the adds made out and I could see, it was a brightly coloured place with interactive features where you could socialise in a fantasy environment. Of course you'd be pulled in. It's a nice evironment without anything bad, right? And who wouldn't want that?

What they don't tell you is that the game is set up to make money. Is that in order to keep up with alot of the main gaming features like players competing in fighting with each other or players competing in fighting with the monsters in quests and raids, you have to have money. Or in game money, to (against site rules) buy from someone else who has real money. Either way, lots of money, to buy lots and lots of items which you will NEED in the end to get somewhere or have any real fun. Unless you are mainly there for the socialisation. Alot of people are not.

Fiesta has a pretty crap way over and over again of bad bad site service and staff service. Bad bad customer support and bad BAD ways of screwing up the already badly put together game to make it even MORE boring and hard to level doing the same repetitive quests while paying more and more cash just to make things go a bit faster.

On average, from what I heard from asking around and my own experiences, I would say that the average spending of the players there (who played often enough to make progress) was around 30 to 100 USD a week. Through either their own cash or hiring 'gifters' who would spend their cash.

And people put themselves through all that to keep up with the competition or to keep up with their friends. The network web of messed up played in the fiesta community would keep people playing and coming back. People would try to quit, I myself 'quit' about 4 times first up, but everytime I'd come back it would be because someone, a friend, would pull me back cos I'd miss them, and the good times in the community. Legel was the smallest, dying server. And everybody knew each other.

The darkest things about the game though, were not in the way the game was set up to force extreme competition and to drain cash, or the bad customer service or even the dark mysterious way it would pull us back in when we'd quit from having enough.

No, the community of fiesta is good and well polluted by now. At least in Legel, the server I came from. But I've heard others say other servers can be just as bad. Really bad, messed up people come online, along with just the misunderstood messed up ones, to escape the real world where they didn't make it, possibly because they are the ones who first landed themselves in a mess for a reason.

Kids game? Ha. Please, when legel was a fuller server you would get whispered by pedos or creeps sometimes daily on a female character. People asking for cybers, which is sex in text and skype form. People hitting on female characters in dirty ways. The majority of the community I got to know where ranging from 15-30. Often in the 20's. Cybering happened there, alot.

Dark people, with very messed up views on life, where often attracted to my more naive nature. I had a very idealistic view on how the world should be alot nicer. They preyed on that. Alot. Several in a row. I once paid off a debt from a somewhat underhanded trade over paypal for $1700 USD which was conned off of me through me simply TRANSFERRING the cash for the guy, not even lending it to him. The guy claimed to need my help for that, after befriending me for months. I didn't comprehend how someone could fool another for so long, as I'd never THINK of doing that to another human being.

I've been emotionally abused as well. Over and over. By people pretending to be something else at first, then when I became loyal to them, abusively becoming the true opposite they were. One was my first male love, real love. He was a sociopath who convinced me he was perfect for me in every way. He pulled his plan off in a week, I feel in literal love with a mirage, not knowing it takes a decent 3 months to get to know someone and trust them, and took me on an emotionally abusive ride which was all for his sick entertainment.

That's only two of the situations from which I obtained very real scars from people who flock to the net to fool you and VERY REAL advantage of you when they can't get away so easily with such horrible things in real life.

It wasn't just me either. There were countless times I had to team up with friends from this game to help convince another person in an abusive relationship of some sort with some other predator that was attracted to the online world to get out of there!

I have now quit Fiesta and all online gaming for good. I've started seeking help and reintegrating myself into the rest of the real world. Which feels great, and more natural. I admit, I made a huge mistake in hiding away in that game. But the psychological and emotional scarring I am now getting help for is great. And I'm telling you, fiesta is NOT a place for kids or anyone not interesting in risking their mental health or wallet. Actually, the community, mostly made up of teens to adults has a bit of a widespread intolerance for the child players.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMMOgamer777 October 1, 2013

Time and money better spent elsewhere imho

This is a game designed for children and it has censorship of many words deemed inappropriate but everyone knows how to get around that anyway. It can have a rough environment at times because many problems are settled with childish or immature tactics and reasoning. Children may love the appearance of the game but many nice features like outfits and accessories must be paid for. Shorter term special items are given to players free to entice them to spend money on the game. That is nothing bad or new for free MMOs which earn money only through microtransactions. As of late, the community has suffered from a markedly dwindling population and negativity abounds. Only high level or long term players can really survive comfortably in the current economy and even then, many are unhappy. If you plan to spend money to help your kids out in the game, I would advise finding a friendlier and perhaps newer or younger MMO where people haven't become too bitter or jaded yet. It would feel like money better spent and you and your child may enjoy gaming more. As it is now, many people struggle and many new players eventually find other games or activities to occupy their time.
Adult Written byEzden January 31, 2011

Teen and up, great!

I love it. All the violence is cartoonish and there's even a language filter. Although you get people who ocassionally get away with space cursing and rude jokes. And if you know spanish, you'll be seeing some spanish cursing too which sadly, the language filter doesn't pick up. Other than that, it's awesome! Easy to play. Most people are very helpful. etc.

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Parent of a 13-year-old Written byXeanix August 7, 2009

Perfect for anyone 13+

I've played this game for about 6months now, i think you have to be at least 13 to fit in or else you get singled out for bad spelling or childish behavior. Otherwise its a great game that Hard-core gamers could enjoy but also people that dont like to seriously level can also enjoy the community.
Adult Written byKilin June 9, 2009

Enchanting Fantasy MMORPG

I first started playing this game in hopes of finding a great MMO to consume a bit of my leisure time. After a lengthy download and numerous patch installations, I started it up and tried it out. Fiesta strongly encourages players to join together in a party rather than take on monsters and quests solo. The game uses four class archetypes: Fighter, mage, archer, and cleric. The fighters are highly encouraged to be the tanks, and take the damage in a party. The archers are ranged attackers, using an infinite supply of arrows and skills to put a lot of damage on their opponents. Mages are known as "glass cannons," and while putting out a lot of damage, they are as fragile as paper. Clerics are encouraged to be healers, and are responsible for giving the party various buffs.
Like every MMO, you start out as a little fella that can barely kill anything. You're given a few tutorial quests to begin with, which will help you reach a higher level pretty quickly. The only things your character is equipped with at the start is a weapon and usually no skills. The first sets of quests will grant you one set of equipment automatically, saving a bit of money.
At level 5, your character can join what is referred to as a "Kingdom Quest," which allows up to 15 players to work together to kill hordes of monsters and usually take down a boss. At this early in the game, players are strongly recommended to join in the Kingdom Quests, which run every two hours on average. I found myself going from level 5 to about 10 in one Kingdom Quest run.
At level 20, your character can undergo his first class change, which allows him to upgrade his weapons, armor, and skills. Another quest chain at 20 will grant you a special skill which is only otherwise obtainable by spending "Fame" points, which are a very unused element of the game.
Every ten levels after 20, a player is allowed inside a new instance and "abyss." Instances are home to difficult monsters that are really only defeatable by a party. Abysses are PvP-enabled areas where people can grind experience and kill each other, along with finding very rare items.
Players are allowed two "production skills," which allow them to create special items that are of use to other players. This can turn into a primary form of profit, but takes a very long time to show it.

Now that the basic elements are reviewed, here come the scores.
Graphics - 8/10
The graphics are meant to be cartoon-styled. The characters are portrayed as children, and it uses a nice combination of 3D and anime-style pictures.
Sound/Music - 8/10
With light voice-acting, battle effects, and ever-changing music styles, the game's audio environment is pretty mediocre. The music doesn't fit into a certain category, so one area could sound calm and peaceful and the next uses electric guitars. Yet for some reason, the music fits the style of the game.
Gameplay - 6/10
Leveling in any MMORPG is tough, but this game brings tough to a new level. Prior to 30, you get a lot of quests to keep you from being bored, but afterwards, it gets tedious. For example, at levels 49 and 61, you get only one quest: a repeatable that gives such an insignificant amount of experience that it's not worth doing. You also lose 1% of your experience on death, which is VERY annoying when you spent a long time getting that amount. The only things that kept me sane were the Kingdom Quests, which didn't help much since they run so rarely. The game is in dire need of more quests to keep its players, because after being stuck at 49 for a couple of weeks, I gave up and quit for about eight months. That's how terrible questing is.

Some extra elements about the game. It's free-to-play, which implies that there is no recurring monthly fee. However, an online store is present, and as with most companies, this one wants money. Certain powerups, such as experience boosters, HP extenders, stat-enhancing outfits, and faster mounts make the game's fairness level in severe favor of those with plenty of money and time. Periodically, competitions are held, such as item finding, PvP, etc. Obviously the players with faster mounts are going to do better with finding items, and obviously those people with enhanced stats are going to win at PvP. PvP is almost not even an element in the game unless you have the money to pay for things.

This is a great game for kids, and its user-friendly environment helps those new to MMOs. However, most people will agree with me when I say the game is not meant for hardcore gamers. If you're looking for something that will glue you to the seat, this is not the game for you. However, if you're looking for a charming little fantasy game, then I can say I've had fun with it. The environments are great, and the spell effects aren't half bad. If you're new to MMOs, this is a great game to help get you started. Grab some cash and go have fun, since that's really the only way you can enjoy it to its fullest.
Adult Written byairgamer April 19, 2009

Really great online game!

Unless you have really bad internet and don't ever take breaks from the computer, this game is really great and interactive. Lots of features to play around with. The community is very diverse and full of fun and enjoyment. I love playing the game.

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