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The worst football game in the world!

If you want to play or buy FIFA 19, think again! If you grew up with the classics don't bother with his game! The shooting has really really messed up this year. You get 3 things, smashing it over the bar, smashing it wide or tapping it to the goalkeeper. You rarely get it on target. Even toddlers and primary school kids can kick it better than those useless professional players! The only sensible teams are the computer controlled ones. Why charge £50 for a useless game! I just want to play football without all the new rubbish they added this year. For example the league tables has messed up a bit. In the previous editions you could see all of the table. This one you can't. Also the penalties are so messed up you end up missing or them being saved by the keeper. Rubbish! Transfer window is pointless too try signing a player they end up rejecting most of the time! If you want to get frustrated and disappointed, this is the game for you. Stop messing up EA I will never play this FIFA or future ones. Shame on you.
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I have an 8 year old son and he advised that to build your perfect team as a competitive child you need to buy points to move on in the game, to build a dream team with the best players... £300 later we realised he had spent the money building his “dream team”. That aside on further research it suggests that the strategies used in these games are preparing children minds for gambling and taking great risks, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a disaster. I would advise that parents monitor and supervise play in younger children so that they can interject and advise to play responsibly and that it is fun. Children should not be looking to these devices for esteem and self worth. The Xbox is now sold and the £300 replaced, we may consider it again when he is older. Big mistake.

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Too much consumerism
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The best

I started a week ago and already have a 184 squad with firmino and road to final lingard as well as ederson so the people claiming u need to buy Fifa points r deluded just manage ur coins well. This will teach your child a lot financially

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