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Really recommend for soccer fans!

This game is very good for me. First time I ever played FIFA was the 2008 game which came out in 2007. At first the controls are kinda complicated, but you will get used to it! You can also change the controls settings which is very helpful. Career mode is really cool you get to create your own player or choose a real one. It gives the perspective of a soccer player career. There are several modes that are also as fun to play! This game deserves its five stars!

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Easy to play/use
age 8+
It's ok for 8 and up I don't see anything bad about fifa it's fun
age 13+

Angry and Frustrated son

I bought FIFA 20 as the previous versions of the game have been great, career mode is good for kids to play football and learn about the game and understand different strategies. This verion comes with the FUT champs game, which i understand was in other versions but my son never played. He has been playing FUT champs in the last few months and the only way to progress and compete appears to be via paying a lot of $$$ to get good cards/players. He also gets angry and frustrated when playing, you can be ahead for 90% of the game and suddenly lose in the last few minutes. Having read forums this appears to be a common problem with the game.

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Too much consumerism
age 2+

Fifa is Football

How could you not let someone play football? Fifa is a great game, every year EA do a great job. I know, yes, it costs a fair amount of money, but i feel the game is enjoyable, i play against my son on the PS4 and i ensure we have a good time while regulating play. When he gets good grades i occasionally get him a bit of FIFA points as well. There is NO bad language, with no chat function, and in no way violent, sexual, or related to drugs and alcohol. It's easy to play and quite fun, even if you're an adult!

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Great messages
Great role models
Easy to play/use