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Remake tackles timely topics like refugees, terrorism.
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Adult Written bybzdb April 13, 2020

Even pre-teens can play

As an adult who played the original game, and comparing it to this one, I would say to parents that if there child is younger than around twelve or eleven than this may be a bit too much for them because of the violence and profanity. Other than those things this is an awesome game that anyone could enjoy. There's no sexual content, no blood, and there's not too much swearing.

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJOMAMA21 April 13, 2020

Amazing remake of an amazing game!

This is an amazing game. But, there is a decent amount of violence and swearing. Some characters are drunk and others smoke cigarettes. And some characters also have revealing outfits. But it is an amazing game and I highly recommend it!

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent Written bynuenjins April 12, 2020

Detailed fanfare is a near perfect revisit, for better or worse. Battle system deceivingly classic, but also diverse.

I played the original. The same convoluted plot is still intact, not verbatum, but with all it's basic quirks and complications. The character renditions are near perfect to their nostalgic last century counterparts, but now with over the top, very cliche' cartoon anime emoting straight from any given Japanese cartoon. To the point of all this tho-
What there is to Like:
1. GRAPHICS are very detailed and well done, each part feeling as though it is using the template of the original and filling in the blanks left by many of the limitations of the past.
2. STORY is a slight variation, but this is a good thing NOT just being hopelessly verbatum as it would be boring to predict every outcome for those revisiting the story. In my opinion, this 3 part saga will be much more integrated, detailed and coherent given technology advances plus time and effort put forth into these separate chapters.
What's different:
1. COMBAT is not turn based, per se'. But wait! Although each encounter doesn't cut to a top down fight, you can let the combat play out and use commands as action points build OR control them in real time choosing any character with specific movement, it's your call. Don't let the ongoing animation fool you, you can make it play out very much like the original turn based, only stream lined so you don't have to keep mashing the same button and targeting enemies with arrows every single time. And being without cut scenes, each round eliminates alot of tedium jumping in and out as encounters are seamless. You can slow time to a crawl anytime you want to take your time strategizing like a turn based RPG, pause or get more involved whenever you want at your own pace. I wanted a turn base for sure, but they secretly made it just as good , they just didn't explain it too well in theory how approachable it actually is. It takes some adjustment if you want to learn, but it lets you play how you want. Key is, don't get nervous when things start happening, it's more theatrics than anything else.
2. CHARACTERS were read alongs in the original and left interpretations open as to specifics. Here, each character seems like a great rendition from the originals in terms of dialogue and detail. Where Eastern taste shows is the peace signs, winks, weird grunts and over the top awkward moments that seem so out of place and dramatic to a fault. It has some fantastic cut scenes and details we never had, but this game is hopelessly Japanese at times making it feel like a Kids show or a Pokemon episode. Depending on your taste, it could endear you or just make you shake your head.
The Bad:
1. SAMENESS. Every flaw of the original comes through in some shape or form. If you didn't like the story, character archs or complicated plotlines before, you're not getting a redo here, just more detail. I thought parts of the story were near nonsense before, but it also made it 'not boring'. Nothing here is unfamiliar and your take on the past won't change much here, but it does fill in some blanks.
2. LANDSCAPE is extremely monontanous. Midgard is the entire setting in this first chapter when it was just a few hours of the original FF7. Point being, the dull, grey color pallette dusted with brown almost post apocalyptic setting can get pretty dreary and repetative. Final Fantasy has always been a tech heavy world with magic, but the steam punk, Mad Max aesthetic is ongoing, almost stiflingly so here. Without an outside, flourishing world or remote dungeons to break it up, the landscape can get pretty dull and monotanous for anyone paying attention and hoping for a change of scenery. In this sense, there is no open world feel, only a very linear mission in a very specific place for however long you make your play through last.
All in all, I like the game. But in some ways I like the original better. I love what they've done but I also miss looking forward to a change of scenery and surprises. Not only do we have to wait a long while just to see chapter 2, but so much is known already if you ever played FF7 prior, that this can actually feel like straight up, high budget fanfare instead of an epic adventure with mysteries yet to unfold. I almost feel as if they should have made an FF7- 2 instead of a remake. However, I DO feel as though the developer accomplished what they had set out to do for the most part, and for what's here I'm pretty content for what it is. Honestly, I think I may be understanding the story much better this time 'round, winks, grunts and anime emoting aside.

P.S. For KIDS, a good amount of 'colorful' language throughout. Violence and killing of both monsters AND people. Suggestive themes are very apparent later on, sexual themes become more prevalent but not initially apparent in the early parts of the game.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byBamalamsue April 11, 2020

Definitely for people that played the original as a teen.

Fans of Final Fantasy, especially those that played the original will feel nostalgic playing the game. It is only part one of the game, so be prepared to get the second when it is released. There is a significant amount of moderate foul language, ie, sh**, h***, d***.
The fight scenes are like the rest of final fantasy in that they don’t have blood or gore.
Tifa and Aerith are fairly well covered in the first 2 phases of the game but in the 3rd they very sexually dressed. The entire 3rd phase(Wall Market) is very sexually explicit. Like a raunchy movie set in underground Las Vegas.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byLemonSheep May 5, 2020

Brilliant remake for teens and up!

This game remakes an old classic, greatly changing everything from its graphics to combat. You play as Cloud who is a mercenary making his living in the steampunk city of ‘Midgar’. As with all final fantasy games, the combat is not graphic or gory, but instead relies more on explosions and fights against big, mechanical bosses making it suitable for a younger audience. There is some swearing, such as ‘s**t, d**k, p**s’ etc. however nothing too offensive or frequent. Some of the female characters wear more revealing costumes and you have the opportunity to flirt/romance over the course of the game however there is no graphic or even implied sex. Alcohol is consumed but not in excess. Overall, a fun, creative adventure with goofy humour and over-the-top characters good for teens and up