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Kid, 11 years old October 5, 2012

TOTALLY depends on a players maturity level

Final Fantasy is a great series. I rate it pause for 9 and under because there is violence, but it's not violence. They have swords, and they hit people with them, But a few numbers sprout outta their head and they desinegrate when defeted. Same with the main characters, Serah and Noel. If you're defeated, you fall to the ground exhausted. You don't die, there's no blood. There is minor cursing, so if there's a nine year old who repeats words he hears, DONT LET THEM PLAY. There's however no cursing using the "common letter words" such as the "f word" or S word" or "b word." ;) And the females in this game are practically halfway dressed. Very short skirts, shirts that may uncover a "crack" inbetween a female characters chest, basically they're dressed super hot...which...can't be done without the bare minimum of clothing... XD So yeah, it's a good game, but it depends on whether or not a child's mature enough to see or hear things like that and beable to handle overall very good game... But yeah you totally can't help staring at those girls during cutseens...Square Enix is good at
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