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FlyFF [Fly for Fun] Overview Review

It is set in, what seems to be, a post god battle era, after the land has had some time to recover. It has a mix of technology, medieval and futuristic. Flyff has polytheism of sorts; however, with the exception of some quests, they seem to be rather uninvolved. Flyff introduces you to some magics and in the second class of the magician you may be a Psy Keeper. They are the darker of the two options using psychic and seemingly demonic skills. There is violence on Flyff’s versions of monsters and animals. Some pvp(player verse player) combat is allowed; however it seems to be server specific, as are your characters. You make contact with your weapons, but there is no blood, just sparks and colors. The language can be filtered very well; however it’s not the best. Also, people can use leet speak to get past them. There is a couples system, and you can strip your character to their underwear. In addition the female’s clothing options are limited in coverage, still covering everything, but some less than others. Be careful with your personal and account information some of the con artists are very good. Not to say don’t trust anyone you meet. In general though if you don’t know them in real life don’t trust them fully, always be leery. If you take the right steps you won’t have a problem. Flyff does focus on the aspect of team work, especially with some quests and bigger monsters. Leveling increases with difficulty the higher you are. Buying items for your character will help you greatly in gaining levels. There are some areas that you need a ticket, which must be bought, to enter. Unchecked this game, as with any (if you like it), came start to be addicting. For how long depends on your interest and self-control. You are required to down load a program to install this game to your computer to play. It takes some time. If your computer and internet are up to it, there is great game-play. In addition the graphics are 3d rendered.

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