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Microsoft... we have a problem

So when you are designing your car you have an option to look at other peoples creations or "Custom Designs" but on that option you see A LOT of inappropriate Anime girls. Some are censored and some are not. So please Parents think about the game and tell your kids to NOT look at the Custom Designs. Thank You For reading this and have a nice day.

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Too much sex
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the best open world driving game for all ages.

For children I Am thoroughly impressed by how much freedom and exploration you have in Forza Horizon 4. It is rare that you can find an E rated game that allows you to go anywhere and do anything and is not violent. No running over people or the like. I truly recommend this game to anyone who likes open world games but wants to avoid the violence and dark themes of most other free roaming games. While it has mostly positive points there are still some issues worth mentioning. The game allows one to drive recklessly and dangerously and the player's car is indestructible. The car handling is highly unrealstic and is not a driving simulator like Gran Turismo. The player can crash through much of the environment such as fences and walls and there are sometimes animals which appear. The animals cannot be injured or killed however. this game unlike other driving and exploration games also lacks police which is good because then it does not tempt and encourage players to run from police the way Need For Speed does. At the same time it also makes it appear that laws don't really matter and there are no consequences for dangerous driving. it seems to be the idea of the perfect world where we could all drive any car we want and drive as fast as we want and nobody to tell us otherwise. if the Forza car festival existed in real life however then many more of us would be dead on the roads. If your kids are getting their driver's licenses then just make sure they know the difference between a game and real life. Otherwise you cannot go wrong with this game and it is really groundbreaking for what it is.

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