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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

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age 3+

Unexpected good surprise with this game

It's so hard to find good games for 3 to 4yrs... and more so for Xbox one + Kinect 2. Fortunately this game is still around, quite cheap and lots of fun. It took my 4yr 30 seconds to grasp how to play it.. and then he had a blast and played quite a bit. Then, you can also play with your kid.. which makes it fun. I don't understand why some other parents are saying is for 5+.. I believe a 3yrs can play it too. Some may say 'the nature of the game is somewhat violent due to the fact you are slice fruit violently'... well, you should see how my kid crash his vehicles without any TV or exterior 'help'. Bottomline, I don't think is that violent and we told our kid 'slice the fruit so we can make some juice' and things like that. It's fine! Highly recommendable.

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