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Kid, 12 years old May 26, 2013


If you ask me what roguelikes I like, I would say "The Binding Of Isaac and FTL." And hey! It seems like I'm doing a review on FTL right now! Simply put, If this is what Subset Games puts out for their first game, then I can't WAIT to see what they release next. I love this game, I really do. The art style is great, the ships are great, the vague humor is great, the alien races are great, the start gets me pumped and the final stretch makes me more tense and excited then any other game. ZOLTAN CRUISER ALL THE WAY, BABY! This is a roguelike nobody should miss.
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Great role models
Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written bySkyTarts June 23, 2014

FTL: Faster Than Light Review by a 13 year old

I think this is a great game, I've come across many parents who are always cautious and protective of their children. This is a good thing but FTL is not the game you need to worry about. It is very fun, logical, and rewards you for being smart unlike other more violent games. FTL allows you to take command and control your own spaceship, I believe it helps teach the ways of leadership, management of supplies, and most importantly it helps you learn what you're capable of, because if you go headfirst into battle without thinking you'll be killed within seconds. But if you wait and tactically position yourself and take precautions you'll lead your crew to victory. I hope this review helps make some decisions. Enjoy the game. :D
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