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Teen, 15 years old Written byPS2freek April 9, 2008

Horrible Game in the fun department

This game is probably one of the most boring, stressful games I have ever played. It is absolutely impossible to handle the cars unless you are extremely farimiar with the series. The only reason I still play it is because I like taking pictures of my car. At the same time, the game was not inappropriate at all in my opinion. All of the Ads make it look like a real world.
Kid, 10 years old January 25, 2019

El juego es para todo publico pero...

El juego no tiene violencia ni malas palabras en las canciones, compraselo a tu hijo si quieres, pero si es mayor de 7 mejor porque yo cuando era pequeño hacia tonterías ya que no sabia jugar. Con el tiempo aprendí y ahora soy casi un experto.
El juego es excelente: muy buenos graficos, jugabilidad de simulador, muy buenas físicas, tuneo en los coches, etc.
Muy bueno el juego
Teen, 14 years old Written byiiEDMWolf February 2, 2016

Perfect for the whole family

This is a perfect game to play, because this game Simulates what it is like to drive on a Racetrack, Cities Converted to Race Tracks, etc, The camera and Driver's Test Function pretty good, and did i mention THIS GAME CAN BE PLAYED IN HD? :D

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Teen, 13 years old Written byThe Stig February 26, 2015

Great, fun, and deep but not for everyone.

This game is the #1 best game ever IMHO, though not for everyone. I like the game because I'm a hardcore car enthusiast, and the attention to detail is beyond excellent. I said age 11 and up, not because of inappropriate material, but because the game is hard for some people. It is the ultimate test of hand-eye coordination and precision, then the difficulty level steps up 10 notches in the Special Condition Events, where there are dirt tracks and extremely narrow tarmac tracks and on those tracks, there are easy (2 laps and 80's and 90's 4wd sports cars), medium (3 laps and newer late 90's and 2000's model 4wd sports cars), and finally hard (5 laps, full on race cars). There are also Beginner, Professional, and Extreme Events that have races in them also. Then there is the Endurance events, which were a surprise to me as it has 4hr, 8hr, and even 24hr long races. In terms of vehicles, there are 700+ cars which you can get from doing races and getting them as prizes, or you can buy cars new or used, although if you get a car used, you have to wash it and change the oil to get the full power potential of the car. There are assists that you can add, but they hinder the car's performance make them seem boring. In my case it is educational in terms of racing and cars. You have to learn car control techniques to win and it's not as easy as buying a fast car and winning all the races as some cars have high horsepower numbers, then they handle horribly. During races you have to pay attention to tire heat wear as it could hinder the car to the point of undrivability. There are also two player modes, and a time attack arcade mode. Also, you can customize cars with mods like adjustable suspension, bolt-on turbos, and gripper tires, etc. There are real performance cars and regular everyday family cars, and concept cars as well like the Nike One 2022 and the Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car. Common sense said that it has too much consumerism, but I like how it has all the tuning companies and REAL cars.

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Teen, 17 years old Written byNick-117 December 11, 2013

good game

i've played this on ps2 and it's great. you can drive really fast and it's pretty fun.

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Kid, 11 years old May 16, 2010

good but not that good

it is pretty cool but it gets boring

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