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One of the best high-definition racing games around.

Gran Turismo 5 is undoubtedly the best one out to date, because of it's new high definition graphics, realistic design and settings, and the new array of high octane performance vehicles to choose from. Consumerism is one of the biggest concerns, because all the vehicles come from legit brands that are seen around the world. Also, the concept of the cars receiving damage and sustaining car crashes is NOT like how the cars are in real life, because in Gran Turismo 5, cars only receive minor to moderate damage such as scratches and dents, even in cataclysmic situations, and the drivers come out completely unharmed. From the basic knowledge of myself, everyone, even children, should understand that if someone drove a car in REAL LIFE and sustained that much damage and turbulence - they will die from the injuries and explosions inflicted. So, this game may not be a good choice for the younger crowd because they might get the wrong impression displayed by the game play. If they completely understand both fictional and non-fictional concepts, then they should be fine.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much consumerism
age 2+

Consumerism complaints?

I haven't played it, but I have to comment on this consumerism thing. I can't believe people are getting worked up over billboards with advertising on them inside the game. If you're going to be like that, you may as well not let your children outside.
age 2+

Perfect driving game.

Nothing at all bad.Clean, no speaking, no crash damage, no exlosions, its a perfect driving game for your child and you. But no Music!

This title has:

Too much consumerism
age 9+

The person below me is obviously a fanboy.

Y'know, I normally do reviews about maturity. But. This game is so awful and unrealistic, we might as well not bother. NEVER buy this game. The car models have been directly ported from Gran Turismo 4, Interiors are either very bad or non existent. Why put 1000 cars in a game, when only about 50 of them look attractive? Don't bother buying it. As for maturity goes. Its a racing sim with no blood or ANYTHING. So don't worry about maturity, just worry about how bad this game is.
age 8+

awesome game

love it
age 7+

A masterpiece

To be honest it was waell well well worth the wait.the 6th game in the franchise if you count prologue which wasn't a game to be honest.Anyway this game is perfectly realistic but for one major flaw the damage system is TERRIBLE.However don't get me wrong this DOES NOT put the wrong message across as it is only a game at the end of day,think about it.Sure the PEGI rating is 3+ but anyone could play this game.the online isn't an issue as you can mute or block the person talking to you. And about the advertising,how are you supposed to make a simulation game without the REAL thing.Makes sense doesnt it.However when you get to the endurance and extreme levels things start to get a bit tricky as when you get to level 40 you have to race the 24hr of Nurburgring Norshliffe don't get me wrong that's a FULL day racing!!! On a final note this us a great game which you surely get hours apon hours of enjoyment

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
age 10+

Age isn't an issue, but skill level might be.

I find parts of this review a but ridiculous. Role models? really? Your player doesn't even have a name! It is as if you are playing as a car, not a person. and the bit about consumerism; of course, it's a car game. And I really doubt this will influence your child to buy a certain car (there are hundreds) and I also doubt that your child could afford to buy a car. The game is kind of hard though.