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Guitar Hero Review

This is a fun-filled game for sharp-minded children/teens and even adults! Music is for everyone and should be shared and enjoyed in many different ways. I believe that this game inspired me to continue with music and pursue it as a career! Guitar Hero gives personality to non-musicians and can even be a kick-start to starting younger kids off with learning an instrument. Games that are also like this would be rock band, which features different instruments such as Bass Guitar, Drums, and Vocals. This is a more interactive game and can be fun for more than just a two-person, PS2 game. I grew up with a PS2 and when I got this game for the first time, I played every single song on the game until I beat it! It was addicting and I loved the concept of the game and the songs are a mixture of a lot of different artists and genres. There's a song for everyone to enjoy on it!

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not rated for age

If you've got the money, buy it for sure.

Incredible fun. As stated in the Common Sense Media review the game requires a special guitar controller that is packaged with the game, and it really makes the experience just that much better. On the content, it is really just making fun of the stereotypical rock n' roll imagery. After one of the tutorials groupies and a "video" are mentioned. Some songs such as David Bowie's classic "Ziggy Stardust" contain mild language... but does it matter? No. A buy if you're willing to drop the dough.
not rated for age

this game is fine for all ages

this game teaches kids about old time rock n roll s common sense ur wrong
not rated for age

Content Warning

To parents who are considering purchasing this game for your children: If you prefer your children to refrain from hearing occasional profane language or references to sex, this would NOT be a good choice! I let my kids play it at a friend's house, and after trying a few songs, they found some that were more appropriate, like Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'N Roll." Regarding learning rhythm in music, it's a phenomenal tool for teaching children or adults, but I just wish they provided a larger selection of songs that aren't as "nasty." It is definitely a fun game, but the content definitely has me concerned. Wish they'd come out with a version for families like us who are offended by some of the songs on this first version of Guitar Hero. It is what it is, and that's what most of it is: offensive.
not rated for age

Do not make an issue with it and don't argue.It's not worth it.

Guitar hero is a game for people that already know what rock and metal music is about!There's no wonder fo those people that booze and weed are involved in. I really disapprove kids playing it.There should be a "softened" version for kids, regarding the explicit content of the game.I'm not that careless and wicked, I do really care about kids. For me, as a professional metal drummer and amateur guitarist, it's a great boost to go on improving on guitar and be able to contribute to my band's songwriting process. In my opinion this game is better than any teacher, as I like to discover and practice with my own rules.Or without! The better is to try it out and to make yourself your own opinion, but don't speak or write about the game if you hadn't tried it. Thanks for reading so far.
not rated for age


Fun to Play. The Guitar that you play is inventive and fun. But the songs contain language, drug references, and innuendos. The music is somewhat bad, and all of the characters are goth. Fun premise but...
not rated for age

A Family Controversy

My husband bought Guitar Hero for its "cool" factor of guitar playing, coordination building and musicality benefit of our 8 & 6 year olds (even though this was rated T the other possible benefits and fun factor outweighed any other aspects which we were unaware of at the time of purchase...). Whether it is a T rating or not, or "typical" 1970s Rock N Roll culture, it is not "cool" to make satanic images and symbols acceptable and commonplace to teens or any kids. I would gladly make this guitar version "disappear" from our household in place of any decent alternative. Rock n Roll music, or any other kind, does not NEED to go hand in hand with satanic idolatry. My husband disagrees and says it is just the Rock N Roll culture - and jests that I would want to see Christian symbols instead, but no - there is a happy medium possibility out there. Guitar Hero is really "cool" as far as its technology but I would like to see an alternative for younger kids. satanic images should not be made to be acceptable, cool and commonplace to our youth, whether they are teens or not.
not rated for age

not what I want my kids watching they see enough already

not rated for age

Not for kids of any age

This game is so much fun. Everyone in my family was loving it (ages 31,30, 10,9,7,4)even my 4 year old loved to watch us play. Having said that, we've decided to get rid of it. I let some of the lyrics and the sexiness slide at first, but as the game when on, the satanic stuff was introduced. Most people don't think it's a big deal, BUT IT IS. I shouldn't have bought the game with the T rating. That was my fault. I'm just alarmed at how many people think it's ok for kids. I would by this game for every family I know if there were a version aimed at kids.
not rated for age

We love this

Our entire family LOVES this game