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age 9+

Turn based Star Trek game with Away Team fun too!

This game is based on a Star Trek like background. So you have a human Federation and awesome space ships crossing space to engage in devastating space battles defending the last human settlements in your sector. Up to 3 vs 3 space ship combat occurs in a turn based system in which there are quite some tactical choices to be made. Your choice of ships and captains is quite important and it's very satisfying to get a Hull Breach on an enemy ship from your first ship, and then your second ship attacks with a specific setup that capitalises on the Hull Breach to devastating effect (massive damage multipliers). The Federation management part is quite important in that you need to research/manage the facilities to get better ships and crew. As the main reviewer said, the campaign gets harder with much bigger and powerful enemy ships. So getting the logistics handled (research and expansion choices in the base) is quite important. You can also engage in personal combat, but it's the same turn based 3 vs 3 setup but with your captain and two other officers/crew against enemy ground forces. Again, choosing the right skills and the correct usage is tactically very satisfying. Quite frustrating if you aren't able to do it in the later stages of the game. However I do think that kids will appreciate the choices if they are helped a little in understanding the tactical ramifications!

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