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Very well done, but very brutal -- not for kids.
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Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

An amazing game - could be either T or M

This game - titled 'Hitman' is a huge title for violence - yes - you heard the title correctly - Hitman - however - in the graphics options - you can turn off the gore and blood - this is a plus - the language is mild and not really an issue. Your character carries around a syringe - however it is never shown in detail and is not used to harm - it is not confirmed to be dangerous or a drug. With the gore and blood off - this game is really not that violent and would classify as a 'T'/'12+' game. Coolchris330
Teen, 17 years old Written byFilmfanatic64 April 9, 2008

Great Game-BADD Violence

This game was really fun to play, it had great missions, but honestly, it's a game called HITMAN 2, violence is a given. There was moderate language, but nothing that would offend a person who listens to rap. I havn't found any sexual references yet, and there was no drugs/alcohol at all. Two things keep this from being a "T" game: the massive amount of blood and the language. 4.75/5
Teen, 16 years old Written byCurbspaget April 9, 2008

Fun, but annoying!

This game gets really annoying if you're trying to sneak around and you constantly get caught; because most of the time you can't afford to "run and gun". This game is definitely 15+, there's lots of violence (uh, it's titled "Hitman") and sometimes gore. If you're stealthy there really no gore because you usually use knives, and other "quieter" weapons. Took me a while to beat, and the last mission sucks, but overall it's lots of fun!
Teen, 14 years old Written bydrizzle1251 July 24, 2011

fine for 12 and up

not too bad at all. the biggest problem is violence. the language is mild as long as ur kid can hangle s*** and b**** which those words ive heard in "t" and even "e10" games. in one scene there is "scantily clad women in a hot tub but if you let your kids play skatboarding games like tony hawk they see plenty of that anyway. and those games are rated "T". the violence is not too bad because your always trying to be stealthful so its not like ur running through streets killing everyone in sight. oh and you can turn the blood and small amounts of gore there even is off so basically its a "t" game stuck in an "m" rated games body.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Kid, 12 years old April 9, 2008

good game.......

This game is very violent Its also cool too i SUCK AT IT!! but it is fun. Its about a retired assassin named 47. Ok you start out at a monastary (you are at a monastary because 47 wanted to put his violent past behind him) Were some guy who you are friends with is captured , in an attempt to rescue him you once again become an assassin.
Kid, 11 years old May 16, 2016

Good game

This game is quite violent. It is also really great. I had if on the ps2 and the graphics are great of 2002. Rated:M for: blood, violence and strong sexual content. BLOOD:when you shoot or stab people blood kind of poofs out of where the bullet hit and splats and seeps dowwn walls. The texture just stretches downwards. VIOLENCE: violent strangulation with a cord. The victim struggles and slowly dies. It spans like 5 seconds. Gun violence. Throat slits. Stabbings. Beating to death nd all sorts of stuff. The games title is hitman. STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT: girls in bikinis and a naked man. His fat covers his crotch. There is mild language: damn, hell and I think bastard is said once or twice. I only finished the first level and the game is very hard. I also suck at it. Thanks for reading.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written bysuperman360 March 7, 2015

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin review.

Sup, guys! I just beat this game and its not brutal or inappropriate! I know I'm only thirteen and saying this, but its not a bad game at all. No language whatsoever and they just say the b and sh*** word like 4 times. And no f or gd word. Not once. The so called "sexual themes" isn't in here. You see HOT girls in bikinis twice. One is laying down and the two Chinese dudes are eating over her. Second part is 3 or 4 girls in a Jacuzzi with a fat guy. People say on IMDB, saying they show the fat guy's private part, but they're wrong. It's a bump, literally. Bad graphics. No drugs or alcohol. Well, that's it. PEACE!! And, this game is suitable for 10 and up. And adults will love it. Later. P.S. there isn't a lot of violence either. Tip: Go to Options, go to screen settings and you can put the blood and gore off! Hope that helps. Go to GTA V and I'm CoolDude 360, that's my other account. Can't remember my password. LOL!

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Ease of Play
Teen, 13 years old Written bySamuel Shajy November 15, 2014

The best but with violence

the game only have the vilonce the most and notihng elese

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byCWG1 November 9, 2013

Challenging and frustrating, but is very addictive and fun!

Entertaining game that induces rage. This game has violence and some blood throughout, but the game it's self wants you to avoid violence even though with a challenging and realistic game like this.... Most people won't be able to avoid it. You can shoot, choke, stab, strangle, etc. your enemies, and sometimes this results in blood/blood spurts. Note though that the blood can be turned off. There is no real sexual content in this game... The only thing close is a fat nude man with no private areas and this is brief so no nudity or sexual content. There are mild profanities such as D*** and H***, but no F***s or S***s unlike "Blood Money." I think a mature 11 can handle this game. Suggeted MPAA R: Strong Brutal Violence Throughout.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written bycerealkiller189 February 26, 2012

Brural,violent,pretty much sums it up.

I have this on my PC and I don't play it much.Its crap and brutal and violent,not anything you want your kid to hear or see.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Teen, 13 years old Written byGameaddict March 16, 2011

8 and up

So what you kill people go to addicting games and play hitstick same pupose and the only blood is the bloodsplatter on the walls if you slit somebodys throat it dosnt gush or anything and its language 1 s-word and a b-word and now my review fun with cheats on if u need cheats go to neoseeker it gets kinda boring and the best wepon is the ballers majes your enemies go flying.