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Hitman: Blood Money

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The 007 of video games

The Hitman series is a lot like the James Bond franchise. The tone, the violence, the stereotypes, the sexualization, it's all the same really. If your kid can handle a James Bond movie, she/he can handle Hitman.

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Easy to play/use
age 12+
This game is very good and I recommend it. It has no stupid content in it like GTA 5 or saints row 3. You can turn of graphic content.

This title has:

Easy to play/use
age 12+

I don't say "M"

I suppose a "12+" or "T" rating is ok. It only shows kills and bikini... if your child played Counter Strike ever, let him play with trust.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 17+

A Fun Game But NO KIDS!!

Hitman is a fun and a addicting game. You have missions to kill and you choose how to kill them. But of course the bad stuff about this game: The Violence, You can shoot,stab,choke and poisin almost anyone in the game. Every mission always has someone to kill and choices to kill innocent people along the way. The Sexual Content, This game doesnt have horrible sexual content but you have options to undress someone once u kill them to get there clothes. leaving them dead in there underwear. there is strippers with pimps in missions that you can choose to kill them. Drug Content, There is one mission where you have to kill a leader of a big drug bussiness i think it may be the first mission. but there is people smoking weed in groups which u kill them all right there if you choose. Nudity, i dont know why they put nudity but theres a couple of ladys in bikinis that you have to kill.. i know this is a very violent game. The Langauge, In the first mission theres non stop f*** and others. But then later on the language slows down more but still theres good bit of language in this say 17 and up. DO NOT GIVE THIS TO KIDS
age 16+

great bloody game

this is a great game but it is very bloody, violent and sexual you can shoot someone with blood splatter and blood pools on the floor after the kill. Women are seen in bikinis showing their butts and their is porn in the plot. Language is rarely used but when its used its strong from fuck to shit and racial slurs like cracker. Great graphics but graphic violence. Amazing game