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I Spy Spooky Mansion (Wii)

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Diamond in the Wii Game Rough

There is so much more than you might think about this game. It’s fun for the whole family, and a diamond in the rough. If you are afraid about it being “scary”, my younger siblings were a OK playing this game. It is easy to learn and pick up. Overall great game.

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age 13+

Good game just one hard to beat level

This is an excellent game. But I hate the fact that the game designers made a game where you have to spin 3 plates at once. This is completely unacceptable. Why did they put it closer to the end of the game. This game is very good. I just hate the fact that I have been trying to beat this level since 2013. Ps I still haven’t beaten the level

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Easy to play/use
age 5+

Hated it

I played it when I was 5, and I was very scared of it. The skeleton scared, and I had nightmares every night. It is a great game for kids who can handle things like skeletons and ghosts, but the voice got me scared. I do not recommend it. Too scary.