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Parent reviews for Kerbal Space Program

Common Sense says

Rocket-building sim helps determined kids reach the stars.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 7+
Based on 9 reviews

Kids say

age 8+
Based on 20 reviews
Parent Written byDavidW4 September 2, 2015

Outstanding engineering as play game

Kerbal Space Program does require more oversight than some games, but this is simply because of the advanced nature of the game - rocket science! In turn, this provides kids (and parents too, I love this game!!) with an amazing opportunity to get into science and engineering in fun and approachable ways - this is crucial to learning at an early age. Bottom line, if you want to help your kids get into science and engineering, or at least provide them with a strong foundation of the scientific method (question, hypothesis, experimentation, observation, analysis, conclusion) which is so important, no matter what career path they eventually choose - KSP is a great option. Related to this - I also have to say how *disappointed* I am that CommonSenseMedia rated KSP at age 14+. Seriously?!?! And Minecraft is 8+?? That's out of whack and just plain wrong in my opinion.

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Adult Written byHyrizon January 18, 2016

I dont see were the violence is....

I have spent 20+ hours in this game and its really fun! But i dont see where the violence is... I recommend this game to all space and plane loving boys and girls.
Adult Written byandrew. May 19, 2015


This game is fun and awesome, but it gets addicting.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bythomasericf December 22, 2014
Not violent at all. Fun. Educative. On of the bests. I've played more than 400 hours.

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Adult Written byHyper C. June 21, 2017

The best educational game ever

So, your kid likes science and rockets? Buy him KSP! Is he/she curious and creative? Buy him KSP! Is he or she an intellectual mind? Buy him KSP!

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Parent Written byray_scanten82 December 13, 2014

Space exploration is for everyone!

It's actually a very awesome game, and it has nothing THAT inappropriate you mentioned all here, and no matter how old you are you still can play it!!! The fact that rocket explodes is not a violence at all, just some TECHNICAL FAILURES in construction. Also, falling out of the ship also can represent some mistakes in construction, or just taking too much risk - i.e. while getting out of the ship on EVA while in stratosphere (upper athmosphere). The game is all about exploration.

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Adult Written byblelievre September 2, 2018

Not Playable

I would like to start by saying what a shame! The content of this game is astounding but, having played it for some time, I have discovered it is unplayable and eventually leads to frustration and disappointment. Initially, learning the game took some time. If you are unwilling to invest in the tutorials, you can leap right in but you will have some difficulties with the controls in the beginning. Game play, there is minimal violence. Occasionally your rocket may explode but there is no blood splatter or the that sort. My problem came when I was well into the game. It started pausing (stuttering). It was minor at first but progressively worsened over time. I Googled this problem and discovered this was a common unresolved problem with this program. For me, the straw that broke the camel's back was when I was in mid flight and the program paused. As much as this has been going on, it was unacceptable at such a stage of game play. I escaped out and immediately deleted the program. Again, this is a known, unresolved issue by the game developers so if you want frustration after hours of game play, by all mean, purchase this program and play it.
Adult Written byMaartenKramers August 29, 2018

Awesome game, way better than this fortniye crap

This game is wonderful. I am an active part in the KSP community, and I think this game (or simulation, if you may) is great. It can educate PEOPLE, not only kids, about the wonders of space. It is hard to play and use, but that is a good thing. It isn't some dumb game that requires no skill whatsoever and anyone can play. You need commitment, even when it's time to figure out stuff such as orbital transfers. The best parts is the friendly community built around KSP as well as the fact with KSP it requires almost no effort to learn from it and I can also enjoy myself playing this magnificent, one-of-a-kind computer game.
Adult Written byWillgregg10 August 10, 2018

One of the best games I've ever played

I bought this game in 2015 when I was 9 and at first it seemed hard, but as I kept playing I got really good at it. You can learn lots about rockets and how they work from this game. I'd recommend it to anyone who is interested in space

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