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Teen, 16 years old Written byscreambrentleyx3 April 27, 2012

star wars

This is a good and fun game because people can explore this and move around the world while playing this can also be a good movement to your bones . Its pretty funny to.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byBionic Reviewer May 14, 2013

Motion-tracked Star Wars minigames

Star Wars Kinect is a decent game. It would be a lot better if the Kinect did a better job of motion tracking, but as it is, lightsaber combat is clumsy at best. Short, basic arm movements are most effective, and are manifested in game as grandiose saber strikes. The campaign leaves much to be desired, but does a nice job reenacting scenes from the movies and TV show. The dance-off is ridiculous, but a nice touch for fans of dancing games and Star Wars (all the songs are also take-offs on actual melodies). The podracing is alright for people who enjoy that kind of thing, though I never really got into it. But in my opinion, the Rancor Rampage is the best aspect of this game. You control a Rancor (the beast Luke was almost eaten by in Return of the Jedi) who has escaped into a city on one of three planets (two different cities for Tatooine!), and is now bent on destroying the landscape while surviving enemies. Violence: The Rancor game has (obviously) it's fair share of wanton destruction. Destroying buildings, crushing walls with shock waves, tossing explosive droids and humans hundreds of feet into the distance, and eating civillians (nothing graphic) is shown. The campaign and the dueling games also let the players fight enemies with lightsabers for some Star Wars-y fun. Sexy Stuff: Some characters (including some female player character options) wear revealing outfits, but nothing more. Consumerism: Part of the Star Wars franchise. Enough said. In conclusion, this is a pretty good game for all ages, but older players may grow bored of it faster than younger ones.
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Too much violence
Teen, 13 years old Written byspace banana March 5, 2015

kinect star wars review

Kinect star wars is a really good game. you go around driving pod racers, be a giant storm trooper crushing monster, and use the force as a Jedi. But the one game mode that makes it not ok for younger kids is the dancing mode. you dance for Jaba the hutt. Then you have to beat princess Leia in dance off and she is wearing her slave brass bikini thingie from star wars 6. The violence is ok at most times but when you slice aliens and droids with your light saber it leaves yellow cut marks on your enemy. If you kid is a huge star wars fun and really wants to play it, then just don't let them play the dancing game. P.S. your room needs to be dark for the game to work well.
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Too much violence
Too much sex