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Parent of a 17 year old Written bymattwe June 30, 2013

A Note To Parents

If you've ever been on commonsensemedia before, you know how they grade their reviews. So, I'll tell you this: With video games, they are incredibly biased. For a video game review, take the age they give you, and subtract about 5 or 6 years, and THAT'S the suitable age. So, for this, it's really OK for about 13 plus. I put 12, though, because, a twelve year old would have no problem playing this. It's literally like a cartoon. I've seen more graphic violence in Spongebob, and that's not a joke. Two of the very most graphically violent movies I've ever seen in my life (Saving Private Ryan and Evil Dead(2013)) both got OK for 16+ and iffy for 17+, respectively. Well, my kid saw me watching SVP, and he had nightmares about for a week. I let him play this, and it didn't phase him in the slightest.
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Too much violence
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Parent Written byCareing Father April 11, 2012


This game is about exploration and fantasy. It has elves, gnomes, troll, ogres etc. This game is similar to the amazing game s k y r i m only it is cartoony so everything doesn't look that real. The best Dad is right though, The ESRB really screwed it up this time. Also like the best Dad said, there is nothing wrong with this game. This honestly should be rated T. I hope I was helpful and that you consider allowing this wonderful game into your home. Peace.
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Parent of a 13 and 15 year old Written byThe best dad April 11, 2012

Another mistake the ESRB made

Hello! I am a father of two. I have a 13 year old and 15 year old. When I was at the store my child came to me and asked for this game. As usual I looked at the back to see what the ESRB rated it M for. Then I looked the game up on YouTube,(Because they usually over exaggerate) and found that the ESRB was exaggerating on EVERYTHING. I saw no blood. None. For the violence, it is equivalent to M i n e c r a f t. I allowed this game because I knew my 13 year old could handle it, I even think a 10 year old could handle this game but he/she should be mature. This is coming from a deeply religious father who frowns upon violence. All in all, 13 is an absolute okay for this game, I have no idea what the ESRB was thinking.
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Parent of a 11, 13, and 15 year old Written byGimmick February 25, 2012

Hugely entertaining awesomeness

Most people, kids and adults alike, are likely to ignore this fantastic game, due to a certain game (skyrim), but they would be missing out on a near-perfect game. There is very little bad language in this game, never going further than bas**rd, which is fine for an 11 year-old. There is a lot of violence, but hardly any detail whatsoever, although the skippable cutscene at the start has a severed head shown in it, but again, hardly any detail. You would be missing out on an incredible game if you don't go out and buy this right now.
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Too much violence