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Easy cartoon platformer with mild violence, amiibo support.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byI know it all August 8, 2016


THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLY VIOLENT! You inhale enemies and eat them whole. This teaches children about cannibalism. You use varies weapons such as swords, hammers, and BOMBS! You burn little cute enemies to death. You stab your enemies without any mercy. You eat every single enemy in your path. This game is more violent than GTA V! In GTA V you usually only kill bad guys. But in kirby you have to kill every freaking creature in the game. Jesus christ nintendo, make your games less violent. And don't even think about letting your kid play kirby return to dream land or kirby super star ultra because those two games both teach you too trust strangers. If you actually read through my entire review then you are probably reading this. Well get pranked bro cause I lied. This game is not bad and is for kids any age as long as they know how to play.

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Teen, 14 years old Written byRobot August 27, 2016

A fun Kirby game for everyone

It's is a good game because you get your original moves back from the Original Kirby games (Like guarding and flying) A few cartonish things Just a few insults which is same as cursing(Use of "You must be destroyed" One is "Today you are terminated" ) If you are having trouble completing the level you will might use any amiibo Kirby throws drug pills when he has the doctor abaittly

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Teen, 15 years old Written byresqcreeper2 June 28, 2016

great game and good for

Its a fun game and theres nothing innapropriate, but the controls are kindof comlicated sothey might need to be a little older than 2 to understand how to play.
Teen, 13 years old Written byCrimsonEnder July 7, 2016

Awesome Game, worth the forty bucks

I bought Kirby: Planet Robobot along with two of the amiibo and I absolutely love it. It is easy and fun to pick up and play, with charming and adorable characters, a surprisingly simple plot at face value, alien robots are invading and they are mechanizing Kirby's home planet of Pop Star and Kirby has to stop them. Along the way he uses his trusty Robobot Armor to battle enemies and solve puzzles. However, as the story mode goes on, the plot gets a darker undertone. The story mode itself is 7-8 hours long, and even though it is easy, the extra game modes ramp up quite a bit in difficulty. The violence in this game is cartoony, with Kirby using powers such as fire, bows and arrows, hammers, swords, and poison. There is one ability, Doctor Kirby, that might cause some people to react badly, as he throws pills and can spray medicine, but these "drugs" are used in a highly fictitious manner, so it is nothing you should worry about. Overall, this is a really fun, family friendly game and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to have a bit of portable Nintendo fun this summer.

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Kid, 10 years old March 18, 2018

Awesome game!

While having cute characters, this game is a fun classic everyone should play. Some puzzles are challenging especially towards the end, so that is the only reason I would not reccomend it to younger kids. Also, the co nteools are.somewhat complicated.